Dungeon leveling viability


Currently to complete a dungeon it takes 5-10 minutes and rewards 2k exp. A public event takes around 5 minutes and rewards 3.5k exp.

It feels right now that dungeon leveling is not optimally or evenly viable. It would be nice to increase exp gain from dungeons slightly to make dungeon leveling a viable path.

This may or may not be the intention but it would be nice to make it an option.

update: combat logs show around 15-20 mins.

Leveling feels paralyzing

I’m pretty sure it takes longer than 5-10 mins


Looking at the combat logs we started combat at 00:32 and finished combat at 00:48 which makes 16 minutes and this is with a fairly fast experienced group in the dungeon running through it without any unintended shortcuts.

That would make it 16 minutes . 2000 exp in 16 minutes makes dungeon runs for leveling entirely not viable.

In my case, dungeon runs are why i play this game so for me its sad to see if it is intended like this.


from 19 to 20 alone you need something like 200.000 exp in live. Killing a red mob gives more than 1k exp, so… 2k exp is an absolute joke ;-). This is only true if the exp curve isnt totally different in reborn btw.


19-20 in Current Orbus is closer to 250k-275k exp I think it was was a lot lower in reborn but I wasn’t really focusing on keeping track of that, which now I just realised, I really should have


We appreciate your feedback - that said, I don’t think you should take the current exp curve as an accurate indication of the final game’s leveling curve as we haven’t balanced or finalized things at the moment.


So, a couple of things on this (and I’m merging your other post into here as well since it’s basically the same topic).

Missions are intended to be the primary XP gain in the game. There are missions for killing monsters (which is what you would do if you prefer to grind monsters to level), there will be missions for doing public events, there will be missions for doing battlegrounds, etc. In all there will be something like 110 missions in the final game (there are only 28 in right now). So basically leveling to 30 will largely be a case of go get missions for stuff you like to do, then go do it, and a lot of that just isn’t in yet.

Regarding dungeons in particular, the balance of dungeon XP vs public event XP centers around the fact that public events aren’t always going to be available all the time to do, whereas you can always get into a dungeon any time you want. So they are probably always going to be worth more “XP/hour” if you are just counting the time spent on the actual event. When you figure there are only evens every 15 minutes though it evens out a lot more (you can’t get that same 3K XP every 5 minutes back-to-back-to-back, basically).

It is true that just straight grinding monsters is not worth as much XP relatively as it is in original Orbus. We are trying to get away from people just literally grinding the same worm mob over and over again for 5 levels as the quickest way to level up.

Finally, any comparison to the current game’s leveling curve/XP requirements is just wrong. We’ve re-done the whole curve. For example it only takes 65k XP to go from 19-20 in Reborn. The XP curve is no longer exponential. It only takes 78k XP to go from 29-30. Etc.

Hope that helps clear things up. But I hear your original point about “I just want to level up with dungeons,” and again there will be some capability of doing that, but at the same time the game is really focused around the missions which encourage you to do a variety of things.


Just some honest criticism

Right now the only way to effectively level up is to do events, however even that feels slow and unproductive and requires an able group. The failure exp without an able group is just demotivating and I stopped playing the game several times this beta because there were not enough people around to justify playing (as more people is the way to guarantee a success on events)

Killing wild mobs isn’t really an option that feels rewarding due to their excessive health pool.

Dungeons reward too low exp and requires an able group.

Dragon racing rewards the most exp… It is great but an arcade side game shouldn’t be more viable exp gain than actual open world exp gain imho.

Right now I am sitting in highsteppe wondering what else to do to get exp that I feel motivated by. I am finding it hard.


yes both topics have a super topic of leveling.

The risk is feeling forced to perform certain quests to get from 1 to 20 causing a feeling of linear required game play so I am glad that you acknowledged a leveling route of dungeon runs should be an option.

Are you going to drop down the number of events to 1 every 15 minutes? Because right now you can run from event to event completing them to get the most optimal exp.


I think that right now they are on a little faster rotation than they will be for testing, yes.

The missions system is basically designed to get us away completely from the last game’s “Main Story Quest” system where you had to do a bunch of quests in a certain order and if you didn’t do Quest 26 you couldn’t later pick back up on Quest 45 or whatever.

Instead there will be different mission vendors for each activity (public events, monster hunting, battlegrounds, etc.) Each one will have a series of missions that you can do one time each from 1-30. They will unlock as you level up (so for example you might have 5 available from each at level 5, then another 5 at Level 10 or something like that), but they are all independent and you can do them in any order you want. The XP curve will assume that you do a majority of the missions for like 4 out of the 6 activities (so for example if you can’t stand dragon racing you don’t have to do it).


To piggy back off of what Riley said, we are also going to have lore driven quests for the mission vendors (siciuls, etc) that you can choose to do at certain reputation levels. We are currently working to get those in game and hope to have some for the next beta test to run through as well as the mission system more fleshed out.


I so second this… leveling is no big deal with a group, but currently it feels like the only way. Now as for activities which are supposed to be open to single players:

  • Critter Hunt: Yea, that is something you could do solo, but I found literally 3 racoon spots, no more, so the task is waiting for them to respawn… why are those not just scattered all over areas? The density is ok for birds in the starter area, but when it comes to the harder-to-reach areas then you seemingly can’t even do the mission in one take, and that is with really no one around, can’t imagine how it is if they are farmed more.
  • Kill Quests: Yah, kill x of these and y of these, why not, and yet as a musky most take forever. Team up with a friend and it is all fine, but it takes a real long time to solo even the greens and then 0 xp reward on top of that, I dunno.
  • Events: Way OP-xp, if they would work. Lately I been in events who could not finish, sometimes because lack of people or all low palas, no chance, specially the portal one had only 10-20% in the progress bar in the end, with 5+ paladins playing. And then I noticed once again all-green mobs for me so no xp for killing those. But yea, an event is still better than to grind through 20 pink or white stars giving the same xp like enduring the 5mins and failing. I do suppose you get the 1k xp for fails also btw if just afking, more and more people are doing that or are they just trying to…
  • Dragon Races: Were said to be optional, well those not being able to do it due to physical issues got a huge disadvantage in leveling, currently.
  • Dungeons, Tree Boss etc.: Lots of these require a group from the start (or overlevel them a big deal before trying).

Edit: Very late I saw quest progress is logged in the character screen now, no longer in the book… but most are inaccessible due to the missing scroll bar rickness mentioned, so it is still like guessing where your progress stands for many.

PS: And an important note, the number of quests available to get from 1-30 should be multiplied by classes, because part of the lack of progress surely comes from spreading xp over several classes and then in the end only the grinding remains, so that would not work for people wanting to level all classes, currently I feel like being stuck on a kind of fisherman-class with everything else after doing all quests I could.


I really dislike how we are forced to do critter capturing and pet racing if we want to level efficiently. I have no interest in either of these activities. I understand some people enjoy them and that is fine, but I don’t think you should be getting tons of exp for them to level up a class that has nothing to do with them. You should get exp for a ranger by playing a ranger and exp for a bard by playing a bard. Even so, I wouldn’t complain if there were viable alternatives. Why is the dev team moving away from allowing us to efficiently grind exp by just killing mobs? At least that way you are actually playing the class you are leveling. That shouldn’t be the only way but I think it should be an option for those of us that like grinding and actually playing the class we are trying to level.

I think the rewards for dragon racing should be dragon racing related and the same for critter capture.

Also, I’m now level 15 and I have completed and turned in all but 2 of the available quests. What am I supposed to do now to level to 20? Trying to get there with just exp grinding and public events will probably take more hours than are even left in the beta. Not that it really matters because it’s just a beta, I just don’t want to find myself in this situation when reborn goes live.


Personally I would not go as far to say that we are being forced into doing specific tasks to level, but I would say that part of the reason why you tackle specific kill quests is so that you are able to learn monster abilities and your own. A player needs be encouraged to do these things so that as the game gets harder they are able to better handle the situation. I believe that leveling should to some extent show a person’s skill.

I think a way some of us are looking at these quests, is that one can level yet still not be any good at the actual focus of game play. I love all the side games and I am personally not against gaining xp from them, but I think that better priority (ample amounts of xp / rewards) should be given to missions that increase ones skill at playing the main game.

This game has been my first foray into the MMORPG gaming world and I have had to learn what arog was, what DPS means, and a lot of other language to better understand what I was doing. I was (maybe still am) a true Noob! I do not believe I would have learned much of what I have without being challenged of doing A before getting to B. I still laugh and cry at the same time when people jump into the game without doing the tutorial and get frustrated when they do not know what they are doing. There is only so much hand holding one can do to keep individuals interested in this type of game.

Dev’s all this is to say keep doing the good work and thank you for listening to our concerns. You are not going to make everyone happy but I do hope that you are able to find that happy balance between those that want to show off their hard work in honing their skills in both solo and team versus those that are just passing through not truly taking the time to actually learn how to play this great game you have created.

Maybe an xp boost like pvp when completing missions in a certain sequence?


Yes kill quests or class related quests should be what help you level up your class best I believe (something which Landru mentioned above).

I don’t believe that completing missions in a certain sequence should give an exp boost. There should be freedom of choice in how you level (mob killing, questing, dungeon running). It should all just be tuned so that each is viable and not one of them being much more viable than the others.

I agree with you that tasks which have no relevance to your class probably should not be a viable way to level up. That does not make sense.


Xp reward is fully viable. If players don’t want to do kill-quests, which I do hate, a alternative should e given.

Getting to the different quests requiers exploring the world, and on the critter catcher also clearing quite a few mobs so you can run freely.

And I am fully in love with the Dragon races and hope they will all be weekly quests.

Sure, some more grinding ex is nice,

But if you want to maximise your xp, I think you should have to play the full game, not skip some parts.


I full heartedly disagree with this view point. Forcing players to experience every aspect of a game for the benefit of progression ends up largening the gap between casual players and hardcore players further segregating communities. I have seen far too many MMOs force content on players and kill off the player base by doing this.

I do agree however, that if you want to level by doing dragon racing, it should be a viable path… but forcing content on players ‘because its part of the game’ is the same as making someone play a linear single player game which is against the spirit of MMOs in the first place.


I said maximising xp, not powerleveling… one way will be the fastest.

My guess is Probably Dragon racing and events will be the fastest right now, as the critter catch takes up a lot of time. But if your not compleating other quests in the downtime of events, your not maxamizing the xp


I prefer the grinding way.
I hate leveling and I hate questing. Everything on the way to end content is lost time. That was always my approach in mmos. Thats one reason I loved guild wars 1.

I leveled my musketeer to 20 without doing the main quest at all.

That I now have to do random mission stuff to level from 20 to 30 is disappointing and as far as I understand it there is no way to level another low level to 30 by going to a end area which is a problem too.


im failing to see the difference.

Let me phrase it like this; If I want to maximize my exp when leveling from 20-30 I don’t want to be forced to do something non-related to PvE because it is faster. I also do not want to be forced to do all the random content in the game to maximize my PvE game.