Dungeon leveling viability


Yea, maximazing exp IS powerleveling. Thats basically the definition of the word.


So you are 50% of the way up the XP curve but as I noted, only about 25% of the planned Missions are in the game.

This is one of those areas where being ahead of the content that’s actually in the game really hurts during Beta testing. My honest suggestion would be to just wait until more content is added if you are finding it slow, there’s really no reason to be Level 15+ in the Beta at this point anyway.

Aside from this post, I am just seeing in general lot of concern about variety of activities, what you’ll be able to do to level, etc. As I’ve already said, there is a lot more content coming. The way development always works is we have to get the foundations in place first, then add in the content. So my recommendation to everyone at this point would be, focus less on getting to 20 and more on just exploring and testing the stuff already in there. If you feel like you’re having to bash your head against a wall to get to 20 it’s because you are.


One thing which makes people want to level fast in that beta is the dungeon. It is considerably easier doing it (or finishing at all) if the group is around level 10, wiping with level 1-3s for hours just isn’t fun. Considered the very limited testing time I didn’t even try with random groups anymore. I’d like to test more than one class on the bosses, but this would only be possible with a way to bring them up faster.

A second, huge incentive for leveling the old classes is to finally have the talents I am used to like the empowered turret, the relocate turret on a lvl 15 etc.


Just to note, the reason I said there’s not reason to be Level 15+ is because once you are Level 14+ it makes no difference in terms of the dungeon’s difficulty due to the matched content stuff. It’s -4 to +4 level range and the monsters are Level 10.


This also means you don’t get exp from leveling dungeons once you get to a higher level, even though you’re still pretty much putting the same amount of effort you would as a lower level so it doesn’t feel that much like a leveling dungeon as the only exp you get is from the 2000-exp bonus reward at the end


Hmmm yeah good point, I will make a note to make sure you still get XP when doing dungeons.


I think Green mobs that are scaled should also give exp in the overworld too, obviously a lot less, but because they are scaled you still need to do stuff rather than one shotting

I personally would love to see all the mob kills exp get raised slightly just so it is a viable option, I understand there will be more quests when the game goes live, but once you are done with the ones you want to do, going to go kill mobs isn’t really a viable option to level anymore because the exp is that low, I’m not saying that the kill exp should be way higher but right now it doesn’t feel good trying to kill a red 4 start mob and then getting almost nothing for it, I’ll look in to how much exp I can get in an hour on my other classes in an hour on different levels on mobs tomorrow after work now that the beta has been extended and see what kinda exp is possible to get, but from what I saw it felt low


To be honest, the reduced xp for mob kills makes the PVP-on xp bonus worthless aside from turning in quests (which at present are all in highsteppe which means you can turn pvp on, turn in the quests, and then turn pvp off). I’d like to see xp numbers closer to 150-400 per kill, depending on level range. Numbers I’ve been seeing have been somewhere like 10-150 depending on level range.