Dungeon queue lack of tank


I queued up for a dungeon early and decided to pick every role and just do whatever i was given. First time the queue popped I got put with 3 dps and me as a healer. I don’t know if the tank was just quick at leaving but we couldn’t complete the dungeon so quickly gave up.

Second queue pop and I sit there as the healer looking at the 4 ‘dps’ marked players wondering why the world hates me. So at the point I just gave up and left.

Did this happen because I queued up as healer and tank? Just because I did doesn’t mean I’m a multi-tasker…


That’s clearly a bug, in all the queues I had there was 1 tank and 1 healer marked. Also we have a couple people queueing for everything, which worked.

People leaving is an issue, but normally there was someone able to switch and fill that spot, normals I did with 4 or 3 people even, however we always had 2-3 in with lvl 30s who could do that, with all low-level it likely does not work.

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It should require that there be 1 tank, 1 support, 3 dps per round. I’ve tried queueing in a full group if we didn’t select those combinations it didn’t let us join the queue at all.


I queued up earlier as all 3 roles with someone in my party as a dps, we got in the dungeon with 4 people as dps and a healer, no one was given a tank role, I went tank ofc so we could do it but this needs fixing as it will cause problems if there are people queueing up as multiple roles but everyone else that gets in are dps and can’t do the healing or tanking

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