Dungeon queue stuff

I would like to see how many players are on the dungeon queue, and how many picked what category
(ex: damage: 6 | support: 2 | tank: 4)


Thumbs up! I’ve suggested that before but perhaps it was missed.

I also would like the ability to be in the raid and dungeon queues simultaneously. For example, if I get sucked into the raid, my name would be removed from the dungeon queue and vice versa. (The first one that is full, wins)

It would also be nice if I could queue up for a shard dungeon as well, I am currently forced to hang around to find a group, rather than keep farming or doing whatever while I wait.

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Yea that would be very helpful; we could ask other players to join when it’s clear a tank is missing or re-think our selection if the queue was more opaque.

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