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I would like to bring attention back to the suggestion of making the dungeons/raids not work with a specific amount of players but have a scaling for 4-6 player and 9-11 players (or different numbers if better fits). Would make forming groups easier. I know it is a hard task to balance, but getting an exact number of people for a specific event (for optimal play) is extremely frustrating…


I remember WoW did this once, maybe even still does…it turned out meh. In practice people were getting excluded from activities due to their item levels being too low to justify the added hp/dmg of the boss, so fewer people were getting geared up. Would have to be carefully balanced.


Quite against this, From other games I’ve played at a high end level you would either take the max amount of players or Kick/Bench players from group to take the minium amount due to how the system was balanced to make clearing extremely hard content easier.


Hmm. But is the current form not an extreme version of better getting the max amount of players or else you wasting your time? Balancing it a bit that 4 players are not a whole player less of power can do no more harm, right? What if we don’t try to equalize the same amount of players but do something like 5 players is best, but using 4 players is as if you play with 4.5 players and using 6 players is as if you play with 4.5 players too. So you still you rather want 5 players exactly but having 4 or 6 is still acceptable? :grimacing:


Hm, less HP of mobs when a lower number of players is joining, why not, if it’s carefully balanced that would work. In fact some dungeons in the original game only require 4, not 5, or at least we were doing these over and over with 4, due to the lack of people online during my playtime. What happens is normally that the time spent to finish is longer, same with raids which are not full.
On like half the evenings I tried to group up for shards we failed to find a 5th while the majority of dungeons required that number, specially if you wanted to finish them in a decent time.

But scaling would not be the only way to access this problem, I wished there was a variety of dungeons designed for smaller groups, especially for 4 or 3 even, so at times with low player count the queue would work for those, still.
And even in times with higher player count this would give way more flexibility. Right now people who are late mostly sit on the bench for a long time, because once a group of 6 guildmates got one leftover, this one hardly finds 4 more anytime soon, so he rather waits for a spot to be free, a group of 8 guildmates got 3 “leftovers” which still have to search for 2 more to do anything and so on.
With adding 3-man dungeons a group of 6 could split up in two groups, a group of 8 as well, one playing the 5-man, one the 3-man, a raid group of 13 could be split in one dungeon, one raid-group and so on.


I’ve never seen or played any game that has had this like some are saying (e.g. WOW) but i like this idea. I’ve had to give up on getting a group in the past due to not getting a 5th within my free time and likewise have had to either be excluded or exclude someone because of already having 5 so some flexibility would be nice.

In terms of balancing i would hope its perfectly balanced but being realistic that’s extremely difficult. so i would agree on making an optimal 5? and then 4/6 player groups are equivalent to 4.5 people.

(in my opinion) If your trying to be competitive and optimal, the strict 5 is more reasonable and then if your trying to be less strict/ more casual there’s more options. Everyone wins in this case?

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