Dye's not in loot table

I am not sure how it has been this long and none of us has said anything, but dyes are not on the loot table for hard mode citadel lol

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Nor are some pets, this might be intentional idk though

What do you mean? Only pet that is supposed to be in HM citadel is enraged sephotep, which is there.

They forgot to add the Darius pet remember

I got a dye last week, they are still there

shuga are you sure it was hard mode, the dye’s are in normal but not hard

Yeah, definitely. I haven’t done a normal in a while, so I can be certain. One thing I could say though is that I haven’t received one without it being the second raid during the week though. I haven’t gotten tokens and dyes together

Looks like you were heard with the new update

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Hmgc valusia warrior is also only in normal mode :slight_smile:

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