Dynamic Scaling


Just putting my 2 cents that I’m pretty against the Dynamic Scaling as well.

Although I would be fine with only having it scale in the instanced Dungeons where it doesn’t affect my day-to-day travels in the game.

Someone is having trouble leveling up in game or is lonely?
Queue for one of the many scaled dungeons and immediately learn the game from 4 other people.
Also maybe prioritize to match the same level people together so that they can help each other out after the dungeon.

As well, how is PvP going to address this?
No one is going to want to Opt-in to the World PvP because theres going to be a mix of lvl 5s and lvl 25s in every area since it’s scaled.

I also like the factor where you race to level 30 and those who are good at games can beat the player rush and get ahead. With Dynamic Scaling every zone is going to be crowded with people which could be bad or good but I guess we will see.


Would there be any point to actually fighting the tougher mobs tho? At best it would be for quests, since any xp they give won’t be better than mass killing easier ones, and any better gear will be almost immediately replaced when u level up. And even if those tougher mobs are used for quests, they would still need to be relatively easy so that a regular new player can complete the quest and not get stuck


Those in favor of scaling - what is the point of having the most powerful gear/max level, if some noob is able to handle the same mobs that can kill you? I don’t see how that’s attractive for anyone.


Toby: That’s why different areas are built with increased difficulty outside of just making a number go up. You increase the amount of enemies. You make them attack in groups. You give those enemies new moves which aren’t easily dealable by “some noobs”. Have the power progression be something outside of just having your own numbers go up.

The tougher mobs would obviously give gear with greater attributes (be it either being level+1 gear, or having unique traits dependant on location). That, and their higher number making it so that you get more opportunities to get such gear.


No offense but it perhaps would’ve really changed your mind trying out the Beta… that is exactly what we found there and the consequence I saw was everyone roaming around searching that one or two areas where there was (relatively) easy mobs, running back and forth grinding these, and only these, to level five.
Sure there also were groups tackling other mobs, but goin solo it was pretty much pointless fighting the ones with healers or other groups. And why should you, the easier ones leveled with you, gave pretty much same xp and dropped same gear, so… even if the others would drop other gear there still would be a group needed for them; passing through some areas was a jump-and-run, avoiding fights, even on max level+gear.

We now have a situation in the game already that people try to go the easiest way, farming the - relatively - easy dungeons like Maeo or Rainforest and have nearly no incentive - apart from the cape which many in return gave up on because it needs alot of kills - to do others like Crypt and Forest. I feel this would spread into all areas of the game once they are scaled.

Currently I can not remember playing any other MMO which scales all, and I really like the idea of exploring a world, one by one by leveling up. Usually after this quest-level phase the next, endgame phase starts, usually with finetuning and improving your gear which is also a well-thought out thing because it needs quite some experience to see what stats do.


In the current Beta there were a number of issues that we identified with the combat and the scaling system. Some of the new mechanics were tuned too hard to solo, for sure. And as I’ve said, there are a lot of mechanics missing from the game so you’re not really getting the whole picture. Obviously it would make no sense to put in a scaling system and then make monster grinding with each monster worth the same amount of XP, and the seeking out the easiest enemy behaviour would be all we would see.

So just making a note, all of that was noted, and was either going to be addressed by upcoming mechanics that just aren’t in yet, or we’re making changes based on what we saw in the first Beta to address it.

After talking it over with the team, we will be making changes to the scaling, but also basically making sure that pretty much all of the supporting mechanics are in for the next Beta. That should give a much better picture of what the whole thing will really look like when it’s done. If there are still concerns at that point, we can continue to address them, but pretty much the only thing to do between now and the next Beta is work on making those changes based on this feedback and then for the community to see what they think of those changes.


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