Elijah's self-indulgent art thread and shenanigan shack


It’s going to be just for me as punishment for my picture leaking.


Hi Elijah, really enjoying this thread. Thanks!

Any chance you can put up some concept art for the beginner weapon models and some concepts of new weapons we may find in the game?


We actually haven’t gotten around to designing all the final weapons yet, haha. That’s still on the to-do list.


wednesday wednesday, here comes some art

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Morning! As the Orbus withdrawal is deepening, do you have any concept art of the desert zone or potential enemies? Or if the jungle armor is being replaced (because the current jungle gear was supposed to be desert?) Can we see any art of that? I need my hype tank refueled please!


I wanna be a cowboy! :cowboy_hat_face:


Always happy to share what I can! I’ve got a bit of a conundrum though, I don’t remember what the jungle area armor looks like. Hmu with some screenshots and I’ll link you with some of that sweet artwork.

For this week’s monday madness(on tuesday), I’ll make a hand-drawn forum avatar for the first person who can guess my top 3 influences. Good luck!



Banjo Kazooie

Ed Ed and Eddie


ooph, got one right out the gate


I noticed in your previous post you only showed sketches of the ranger musketeer and mage. Do you have any warrior sketches?? Really curious how the final form differed from the sketch

Edit: this was in regards to the image you edited to hide a certain couple tiers


Nah, I skipped the warrior guys at that point, we were still figuring out what we wanted to do with that class


Aw shucks. Well I’ve really liked the warrior gear so far!


hmm I would love a custom drawn vintage wererabbit avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

Witcher 3
A certain scene from pulp fiction :wink:


Ha! Those are all pretty apt observations. I probably should’ve had witcher 3 on my list.

Hint time:

  1. I used to spend a lot of time on newgrounds, and someone from the list was kind of a big deal on that site in the mid to late 2000’s

  2. “Super green”


I nearly forgot that it’s artwork wednesday today :confused:

Here’s some artwork of someone i’m sure you’ve encountered on your travels.

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Also lol @ that earring in hindsight. Clearly I was watching too much DS9 around the time I drew this.


Cool! Is it intentional that the old shield rune is embroidered onto his robes?


No, but that’s a cool bit of trivia I didn’t know about. That’s one of my go-to placeholder symbols on Orbus, so It’ll pop up a lot in my sketches


I think I’m a little late for the guesses at your influences, but here goes anyway:

  1. WindWaker
  2. Jonathan Ian Mathers (ill will press (Neurotically Yours))
  3. The Fifth Element


we’ve got 2/3, getting super close here


Sesame street! Final answer.