Empowered Affix issues

  1. The wiki says that empowered rings should give 5% or so critical damage increase, but after testing it, every crit is only giving about 2.8% more on a critical hit.
  2. This was also true wearing two empowered rings. Essentially empowered affix does not stack with each other so that wearing 2 rings still gives you 2.8% more critical damage instead of 5.6% total with 2 rings.

So is this intended to not stack? Is it intended to give 2.8% more critical strike damage instead of 5% each?

I did not test wearing two different empowered ring types (eg. Sanyael + Elongata).

Also not sure if the damage calculation should be from base damage or from the critical damage @Riley_D

Examples: 599 = base damage, 1197 = normal crit, 1215 = 1 or 2 empowered ring crits. If we calculate the damage from the base we get a 2.8% increase. If we calculate from the crit damage compared to the empowered crit damage we get a 1.5% increase (even lower than what I originally tested). Are either of these intended?


I just tested it: 1.5% more crit damage, doesn’t stack. I wonder if that’s intended too


We’ll look into it, thanks for reporting.


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