Enabling Scoundrel Gun Barrel Rotation Graphics for Quest

I’ve recently been learning how to optimize my Scoundrel DPS, and one technique I was told was to watch the barrel rotation to know exactly when the three bullets have been charged, ahead of the sparkly animation. However, it looks like the barrel rotation doesn’t show up on the Quest. I think this is a significant gameplay advantage to those on a PC, that the Quest users don’t get. Would it be possible to have this patched for us Quest users?

Thank you!


eh, so I just tested it cuz I thought it was maybe just one of the styles that was broken, but no.

When you first log in the barrel does rotate, but switching zones, transmoging it, and probably more things cause it to stop rotating until you restart your quest.
I tried switching class, reloging, restaring the game, but the only thing that made the barrel rotate again was restarting my quest, and than it broke again as soon as I left my player house.


The barrel rotates for me on quest?

Interesting! I’ll test that. But if it continuously breaks, it’s still not reliable enough to help with gameplay.

I can confirm that this has never broken on my rift, I watch my gun constantly to clip that last bullet as it loads the gun.

Update - it apparently works right after you restart the game, but breaks a few minutes afterwards. So EDIT: Could the devs look into this and see if there might be a potential fix for Quest users?