End game class demographic

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I was wondering what the balance of people in each class was at level 20? I’m fairly new to the game (10 hours played) and have so far noticed a substantial number of runemages, with archers probably coming second, warriors third, and musketeers last in terms of player numbers - this is, of course, during leveling.

How does it look at level 20? Is there a particular need for more healers/tanks, or perhaps for less of any class?

There are a lot of Rangers and Runemages followed by Musketeers. There are only a few level 20 warriors. Tanks are needed, but I have noticed a lot of lowbie warriors working toward 20 so there may be a large influx of tanks eventually.

going by steam achievement stats, out of all the players, .3% of people are a level 20 musket, .2% are max archer, .2% are mage, and .1% are warriors

bonus stat!
only 2.7% have people have reached lvl 8 musket, 2.7% runemage, 2.3% archer, and 2.1% warrior, and only 50% of people have gotten the spark of the guardian, which is after one of the first quests

yay we special


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