End game only class

A class you can only unlock after maxing out all 8 classes. It would be a sign of your feats in this game and could have some cool powers. I don’t know what could fit as this class but maybe a class called Guardian armed with a spear you can both swing and throw along some kind of magical power. I think that a class only obtained by maxing out all other classes could fit well into the game. (If you have any different ideas for what this class would be i would love to hear them, I don’t think i came up with the best fit)


There are a couple things here such as what armor would it use, what role would it fill, would it be level 1 or 30, what talents would it have, etc.

@Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka this is your chance to petition for fisherman.


Yeeees bring back fisherman class!! I still have my armor! I even successfully tanked Lich King on a 15 with fisherman using my fishing rod! I didn’t survive, but not a single bolt/death burst got past me!


I was gonna say something about locking a class behind such a big barrier of time investment being problematic and not really knowing what you would even add but then I saw fisherman

Fisherman class is literally the perfect class for this


I need fisher class back, I want to level it to 30 with mob grinding or just fishing like Elk did all that time ago


good idea I think it would be great to have a maxed only class

Perhaps a specialised version of each class could be unlocked when reaching 30 in a class then when getting every class to 30 get fisherman?? Might be cool.

The addition of a non-combat end-game class actually sounds like a lot of fun. And something new to do for end-game players, that isn’t just OP.


Maybe professions could be added like a gatherer who gets bonuses from doing scavenger missions or a fisherman who gets extra xp/rewards from fishing missions

fisherman class is cool but you know what’s cooler? lore class

Where do you think the lore comes from? The fisherman who pick up stories from afar, from lands across the sea like the Otthamine Empire.

Lore Class! Destroy your enemies with the unimaginable power of… LORE! Throw heavy arguments against your foes, like, is Spehotpo really dead? Translate ancient languages and manuscripts to obliterate your attackers with the power of RUNES RUNES RUNES. Heal your allies with BORING LECTURES ON THE CORRECT SPELLING OF SPEHOTPOTIE. VOTE FOR LORE CLASS NOW!


Lore class! Your main form of attack is to whisper sweet lore into the ear of bosses and mobs until they cant handle anymore and explode from too much knowledge.

Bonus points the more related to the type of mob.

“Hey there mr stratfrute, i heard treesus was going to hold a coupe against the stratfrats” ~ boom the stratfrutes head explodes.


I see we think a like. Lore class! lore class! lore class!


this is the best thing I have ever heard :joy:

its all for u mate. Maybe our lore class dream will come true one day…

it would be the best class in the game people would always invite you to shards so they can get free information of the lore while taking down bosses and it will allow you to flex your lore knowledge

there is always another reason to flex lol

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