Endgame static recuitment


Need 2 DPS for endgame static, 1 RNM and 1 either job. Days/times are Mon-Tues-Thurs, 7:00-10:00pm CST. Days and times are tentative for now to display on post, they can be discussed between current members and interested players to finalize. Would like to run 6-9 hours per week.

The aim is to create a set team of 5 for progression through endgame content, using communication and organization on the battlefield to overcome the toughest fights in Orbus. We want people who feel the urge to constantly improve, want to take a serious approach to their play style, are willing to learn from their mistakes, and put in time/deaths to figure out mechanics. This will be a midcore style group. I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect others to be either. But I do want people to take fights and progression seriously while trying to reach that next level.

THIS IS NOT A FELLOWSHIP RECRUITMENT. There is no, nor will there ever be, an FS requirement to join or stay a member of the team. This is an open call to anyone of any guild or background who crave the same and feel their biggest hurdle is lacking a set group of players to consistently learn and work with. The people currently in and ready to start have only been up to level 4, so it’s a relatively fresh group looking to forge our own path to the top. Level 20 is the only requirement. Prior shard experience is preferred but the most important thing is the mentality and drive of the player.

Any questions or if you care to know more, reply here or pm me on discord: Axile Salamandra#5929


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