Enemy healing is too strong

So, I’ve fought 2 enemies now that have self healing spells, the earth golems and the frog healers. Both of them feel like their healing is way too strong. There are multiple reasons for this:

  1. The healing spell is instant cast, thus upable to be interrupted.
  2. The spell has no cooldown as far as I can tell.
  3. There is no debuff in game that reduces the amount of healing the enemies receive.
  4. The strength of the healing spell is just too much.
  5. It’s not just a self-heal, but they can also cast it on other enemies that you pull too.

When up against a frog healer (level ~10) we had a party of 3, a lvl 8 warrior with 65ap weapon, lvl 8 mage with 65ap weapon, and level 6 mage with 79ap weapon (dropped from the first frog we killed), and we were barely able to out-DPS the heal with the 3 of us. Granted we were a tad low level, there were still 3 of us there…

I feel like it would be fair if the healing was either reduced, or players were able to use some sort of skill or spell to reduce mob healing received.


A group of us we’re just talking about this the other day! Like they heal for over 50% of their hp and heal the other mobs for a little less. Maybe if they healed only like…maybe less than 25%?

Yeah, I agree that for mobs in the overland, that are likely going to be fought by solo players, the healing should have some type of limiter to it. For healing mobs in group dungeons, I think its ok to crank it back up.

Yeah I was barely able to take out a forest golem by myself at level 6. But there were @DirtDog, like what three of us trying to kill that frog healer and had like no effect. I get that we don’t want them too easy but I do think they are a little broke as is. especially if you ago more than one it can nearly wipe a small party.

I like the idea of extra tough mobs wandering round mixed in with regular mobs - but they need to be identifiable without doubt - the forrest golems i think have the same level as the spiders and bandits in the area

Oh I agree, I like fighting elite mobs(pigmen or lizard men things like that), but these are rated as a standard mob but can destroy you lol. But I guess they could just raise the combat indicator on top of the head and that would work just as well for me.
So yeah I guess that’s really my only complaint is they might should be “re-classed” in the appropriate combat rating.

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They would also need to have their spawn rate reduced like the other Elite mobs, so no more huge clumps of them tightly packed together.

I was trying to kill a golem as a musket level 5 by the bandits and his healing and my healing we’re evenly matched and i literally could have just fought him forever getting no where. Luckily there was a group of people came by as we laughed about how dumb it was.

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That is funny, but also an interesting thought. They heal as well as we do, so maybe its a balance?
It certainly goes to show how the game requires some diversity in your party as well as good communication.

We’re not talking about party content… we’re talking about overworld mobs that you’re supposed to be able to kill solo.

I don’t think everything in the overworld should be soloable

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True, but It’s balanced with the player in ways. But a more clear way to tell what the combat rating of a mob could help.

Like you said before, they could stay at their current difficulty and just be marked as an elite mob.

i was with false when we faught them . to be honest me and the other mage had blasted it
with a sunbeam, each and we still couldn’t kill it. now im not saying it should die instantly to one but
i think maybe it shouldn’t be able to survive being hit with two sunbeams at the same time

Two sun beams? :open_mouth:

Dang, what area/mob was it?

level ~10 frog healer, as stated in OP =)

To be fair, the sunbeams were about 2 secs apart, which gave it enough time to heal up enough between them.

This may or may not help, but the frog healer can be manipulated to some degree.

He has a priority on cleansing debuffs, so if you debuff him (frost, poison, weakness, etc), he’ll cast a cleanse before a heal or hot. If you can spam frost bolts or various things that apply debuffs, you can often burn him down without him healing. He also won’t start healing or curing until he gets close to his primary aggro target, so if you open up from max range, you can get some extra time to damage him. Lastly, if I recall, I don’t believe the overland ones count as elite, so you can open up with a polymorph on him, kill any associated adds without worrying about healing, and then focus on burning him down alone (with debuffs to interfere with healing as mentioned above).

So what you’re saying is basically the same thing… burn him down before he can heal, but you can use the game AI to make this easier. Either way the healing that he does is too strong to DPS through when you’re at a comparable level.

Just trying to point out that if these mobs (frog healer, earth golem) are meant to be solo’d (by most/all classes), without being over leveled, they’re not as of current. The healers are just way more difficult mobs to kill than any other non-elite mob of their same levels.

Just to reitterate in case we forget: this is a beta :slight_smile:

Nobody is arguing they are easy. And
Nothing is set in stone, and tuning is certainly necessary. Hopefully next beta the lower level healing enemies will be easier to slay. (Hopefully endgame healing enemies will be quite tough)

That said, when I leveled, I downright avoided the healers. Ain’t got no time fo dat. Grinded my way past them after realizing they would take too long.

Now that I know what I know, there are certainly tricks that help. As Draven Mentioned, you can fool them into not healing.

You can also stun them before they heal, as their heal does have a cool down, and stunning them increases that time if done right.

Ultimately, all monster fights are a race to see who kills who first. Yes, as mentioned before, you do need to burn them down. However, there are tricks that are not always obvious that greatly help.

Now that the beta is over, all we can do is hope for better tuning :slight_smile:

Edit: omg draven I’m so sorry!! I was on my phone and failed to check :frowning:


Well said.

Who is Craven?