Enhanced Strikes potion

Can anyone tell me where to find the Enhanced Strikes potion recipe?

If you ever have questions like this again I recommend downloading Potato’s Interactive Map on a computer; it works with OrbusVR but does not need the game to function although a few features like player position won’t work. It has the locations of everything in the game along with things like tracking legendary fish rotations; it is very neat. Below however in the spoiler tag is the answer to your question. This discord is the OrbusVR Maps discord where you can find the map along with the static maps: https://discord.gg/9NenzchRvs


10x potions of enhanced boosting and enhanced strikes are located at the very end of Crystal Cave:image
5x potions of enhanced boosting, enhanced healing, and enhanced strikes are in the middle of Hulthine’s basin:image
1x enhanced strikes is in the Wastelands cave:

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