Entering text - changing from small to big capital letters

hi, yes i know, thats not at all a critical bug… just think anyway you should know… when you want to change between small and big capital letters and vicaversa and press „shift“ than you always have to press the next letter 2 times… its already when you create your character… and when you dont pay attention your character has not the name you like…
i am using htc vive

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This issue is being tracked, thanks for reporting it!

An other issue is when you type text only one hand work correctly.

So I looked into this issue and what I found is that when you are pointing with both hands you are only able to use the keyboard with the hand you were pointing with originally. However, by alternating pointing fingers so that when you switch to pointing with the second hand you are no longer pointing with the first, both hands interact with the keyboard as expected. Is this what you were experiencing?

Yep i naturally positioned my 2 hands like when you write on a normal keyboard and i was strugulling typing letters and trying harder and harder to push the virtual keys before i found that just one hand was reacting (cause of the order like you said), so i done big movement whit just one hand to catch every key and i told myself it’s a bit broken.
Not really a good felling to start with.

I’ve added the issue to our list. Thanks for reporting.

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