Epic PVP Battle


Little surprise battle this weekend had alot of fun.
GG everyone that was apart of this.


Damn sad I missed it, rarely ever get to fight when I go, and I go a lot. Would also be a lot of fun to set a date where we both enmass so we can recreate some of the 20 v 20 fights of the first few chest days


“Pick where you at, where you at, where you at?”
“No, come get me, come get me”
“Where are you, where are you?”
“The Desert, the D E S E R T.


Thats about every time I am on with him.


I had a blast as well! Hope to meet up with everyone again!


Those first few days of the chest spawn were epic sooo much fun!



Oh damn I remember those I was there for that time it was a lot of fun out there! It was quite the learning experience lol


I would totally be down for that not the best at PvP but it’s so much fun!


You guys should bring a bunch to this one then in a hour! Most should be on for expert anyways


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