Ernest Fishing Quest 2

I’m working my way thru the main quests. I’m on The Last Meal–>Chef Letharow. I went to go fish up the bass, and started Ernest’s quests, hoping he would tell me what was best to catch bass with.

Since excepting the 2nd quest for bass, either I’m really unlucky or it has bugged out small teeth. I’ve been killing everything in sight for hours and none have dropped. I killed wolves from the lake to the burning forest, and every thing else along the way.

go to the jungle or desert I think i found a bunch in those areas, just kill everything.

I ended up getting some from plains gaurdians, I’d have sworn I got them from just about everything before. /shrug

I had the same exact problem…Thought the RNG just hated me. Plains Guardian was the only one that dropped it for me too.

We got some small teeth from boar last night as well.

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