ERROR: Unable to download correct file

Hey guys, I just bought the game and downloaded the launcher, but when I try to download the rest of the game from there, it gives me an error message. What do I do?

Hey there,

I think I just responded to you on Twitter. But just in case it wasn’t you, are you using this launcher?

If so and it’s not working, is there a certain file it’s not working on? What kind of Internet do you have?

Sorry for the delay in responding. I will check this post again in the morning.

I have school, so I will try after school, so I will try to post my results by 5:00 pm, hopefully closer to 4. Thank you for responding :smile:

FINAL RESPONSE - Hey again, I got it working (I think I may have extracted it wrong the first few times) and the game is finally downloaded. This will be the first time playing the game for me. Thank you for your assistance :slight_smile: