Escaping enemies made way too easy

I’m not sure if you intended this or not but I noticed that while you slide in combat you can also teleport at the same time allowing you to outpace your enemies really quickly. Was able to get the bone away from 20+ spiders this way without getting hit. granted I died not long after stopping to pick it up but oh well quest complete!

you shouldnt be able to use both as they share the same cooldown pool. So if you teleport half the max distance then you can slide the remaining amount. Is this what you are talking about?

nope. While I am sliding I can press my teleport button and my grid spreads out quite a ways while I slide. Allowing me to span far quickly

As a matter of fact I just used it to help someone get the bone from spider island. I caused all the spiders to chase me while she ran in and grabbed the bone. I’m an Oculus user if that makes a difference.

Chrondar is referring to the slow trackpad movement in combat that takes no stamina. It’s very easy to outrun any enemy. Every time you teleport the enemies pause for a second before chasing again. Constant teleporting leaves them far behind.

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