Essence tree rework and wooden cog thoughts

I had a look at an essence tree and they look cool. I’m sure you’ve heard the joke “omg an essence tree, they are so rare”.

For as common as they are, 4-6 wooden cogs is far too much. I could understand metal cogs but not wooden cogs. The tree looks good but I can’t be excited to find an essence tree when it requires an arm and a leg for how common they are.

We keep our wooden cogs because of how extremely rare they are and how many is needed to create one item. If you are going to make them so rare, don’t make an item require 10+ wooden cogs to make. I can’t spare cogs to create other items because I don’t know when I’m going to get more. I have like 6 cogs, I didn’t want tinkering to be end-game grinding … I wanted it to be a side thing. Not a chore, but anot activity.

I am fine with things being rare and rng but not when I have to spend 10+ hours just to get one. And then spend weeks just to get enough to create one item. I don’t tinker because I dont have cogs to tinker.

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