ETA for the End of Original Orbus?


Apologies if this was stated somewhere and I couldn’t find it, but do we have any idea when the current game is going down? Also not really sure which category this should go into. Anyways!

I just noticed Defend the Realm is ending in a few weeks. Since it’s being built as the destruction of Patraeyl as we know it, will the original Orbus servers stay up after DtR is over?

I had always assumed the current Orbus servers would stay up until at least the final Reborn beta in mid January, obviously hoping for the day up until Reborn launched.

I was unable to find any information for when it will be gone though. It seems strange that Defend the Realm would end so far in advance of when the current Orbus will no longer be available.

Any information about this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Can we have a dev response? Is current Orbus gonna be finished after Defend the Realm or?


I’m pretty sure the game is going to continue until reborn is released


I hope so, but it would nice to get a roadmap with a tentative date for when Orbus will be gone. @Riley_D?


We will likely take the current game down a week or two before the launch of Reborn. Until then it will remain online and receive care and minor updates. Including after the ending of the DtR event.


Thank you for responding, and glad to hear it!

I got a little worried thinking about it after having a friend join recently and calculating if he could still get his 18k points.