Even More Mage Feedback

So as a saucy level 10 runemage, I feel I have enough experience to provide some feedback about the class.

  • Movement/Spell Activation - So as any other class, you can set it up to use one trackpad as movement/strafe, and the other trackpad as turning. Which is really nice. But if you’re a mage, and have your wand out, whatever hand that is, the trackpad doesn’t seem to work for movement/turning anymore. Since it’s being used for spell activation. Why not change the spell activation button? The grip for the wand isn’t really being used, or the trigger on your other hand. For extra fun, why not have your off hand used to guide the spell so that chain casting is a little easier?

  • Rituals - Have the initial runes for these rituals be just a little bit more… picky. A lot of the time when I try to cast portal, it will start the ritual for Resurrection. Sometimes I’ll just draw garbage and a horizontal line and it will do the Resurrection. Also maybe make it so that these rituals are learned sooner in the game.

  • Spell Power - Make spells less effective if you haven’t actually found the rune for it yet. I just find it weird having players casting spells they looked up on youtube or had someone else in game talk to them about when they’ve never seen the pillar/statue for it. Sure let them cast it, but maybe just make them not as effective until they find them in the game. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue with a large amount of effective spells learned really early on in the game.

  • Other Stuff - Make the mana shield last a bit longer. Currently it doesn’t feel very useful due to the short duration. Maybe have some way to cancel a spell once it’s ready or even cancel currently drawn runes in the air. Occasionally you’ll mess up a rune and know it, but you still have to activate it to clear the air to start drawing again.


i like the idea of aiming with your off hand, but that would make kiting being pretty diffcult. I would love to have a spell that would target a monster, and auto aim the next spells. It would be particularly helpfull when there is a high latency! last night, my spells, were sometimes teleporting toward the target, a few meters at a time, not even sure what i was hitting…

Agreed the mana shield could use a little power up, and i would love to see a timer specially on buffs! to make them easier to refresh.


I also have the problem that 80-90% always resurrection is started instead of a portal as drawn. I mean the two look very different and yet that happens all the time. it totally annoys! other spells must be drawn absolutely accurately but for resurrection usually a horizontal line with no matter what…


The rune mage is easily the most arm taxing class and the spell system is so finicky. Ive seen mages rapid fire tier3 but I think you should get a stored up system like a spell book that gives you 3 to 5 stored spells to start a fight so that all the difficulty is met with a nice pay off, Just my 2 pennys.

I also hate the wand movement crap.

I’m currently set to the movement mode based upon my hand direction (on rift). That said, off hand spell guiding so you can get to drawing the next spell is very interesting. I’m not proficient enough yet at drawing small so that I can keep “aiming” while I draw the next spell so I can spam.

Good idea.

Interesting ideas except #3… I might or might not have walked by all these pillars but I don’t think they are exactly in the level-order you need it. For example you should know a variety of spells for dungeon bosses and likely get stuck even on normal mobs if you only start practicing tier 2 when you are in the “right” area for them, there’s lots of level 20s not able to do tier 3 because most already start late with these, now if they are also less powerful idk…
Second, I don’t even add spells since a while, there are bookmarks coming to the journal, but until this is happening you will very much regret having your book cluttered with spells, specially with the later quest advise pages to scroll to or all the recipes which, unlike the spells, are actually needed to have right in the game. Wished I could delete those spell-pages I never need and only keep a few I rarely use.

As for making spells weaker and then suddenly stronger if you find runes, I think that will give new players an entirely wrong feeling for mechanics of this class and what to use for which mob.


…have you played a Warrior for a weekend? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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