Events not showing up (blue beam) and event "level scaling?"

So, I’ve been following your api reports about where and when the event’s are and between the last event and the current one, an event suddenly pop’s up out of nowhere on your api(‘between the events’). always seems to be the crystal cave events consistently. When I show up there, the blue beam is not displayed in the sky. When entering the cave, the event is actively and ongoing.

A few questions pop up for the Orbus devs. @Mathieu_D
Are there other events going on at this moment when this happens? We are currently 13:12 pm EST and I just finished the ‘undocumented’ event at Crystal Caves. I see this gap every now and then in the API.

Furthermore, are the events level or people scaled?
I ask this since I have been observing for quite some time now, events (mostly Highsteppe Portal and Crystal Mines events), Where sometimes I can beat it in about a minute or so by myself, when other times It can take me 4 or more minutes. I keep checking the number of people in the shard and sometimes, there are 4 people and sometimes there are 35… So I can’t put my finger on weather it is Level scaling or user count scaling, or neither or both?

This last event now at Crystal caves took us, two, almost 2 thirds of the available event time, when I normally can do it in about one minute since I bring two crystals at a time…

Are these bugs? Are they intended?

There is no API for the events, their spawn times are just tied to the in-game time so a couple of us from alphabet(not me tho, I slept) spent about 5 hours mapping when all the events were happening during one of the last reborn betas. That data was then used to build the event tracker on the armory.

The events that shows no warning on the tracker are events that also don’t show any green/yellow beam in the world, not sure why tho.

The amount of people participating in the events does scale it up, requiring more fish/crystals to be thrown and spawning more enemies/crystals/fish
the level scaling of the events follows the same rules as the rest of the overworld.

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Okay, so you have a bug in the system. Fine.

As for the level scaling, it’s fine that you said that, but that’s not what is actually happening.
I am trying to figure out why the discrepancies between the events.
As I said, sometimes it goes quickly and sometimes not, and it doesn’t seem to matter how many people are in the zone. In all cases I was alone at the event, that’s what should count. Especially since, the event has a radius, if I walk out of that radius, I am not part of the event and I will not get compensated for it.
So this is a serious bug!

no, that’s how it behaves in-game, there’s an event with no green/yellow beam, but still blue beam and aRrker decided to have the event tracker behave the same.

Not sure why the events aren’t always consistent with the progress tho. I have had it happen a lot myself too, but it was never much of a bother.

LOL, then it’s an Orbus bug, hence this post!..
As someone who jumps to events, it’s not a fair warning with out the beam in the sky?

Believe this happens at 00:00 in-game time at both crystal cave and gate defence but because there is no green/yellow/red beams the gate in highsteppe is usually destroyed pretty quickly

Interesting about the 00:00… It makes it feel like a scam kind of.

it’s kinda a reset point I guess, there is also a 7 minute break with no events I think.

I observed the break, but some event just ‘pop’s’ in there out of the blue… :slight_smile:

My systems are 1000% bug-free, production ready and totally working as they were intended, at least 5/10 times every time

That being said, as mentioned before in the thread, there is no official API for the events, and the event schedule was recorded many many many many moons ago, and frankly I’d be more surprised if it still was 100% accurate. There were some weirdnesses we found in the rotation, which most likely is explained by the 00:00 in-game time reset, but I wanted as accurate of a representation as I could, so as (again) mentioned before, I went with what we saw

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Agreed but as also stated earlier, this is clearly an Orbus bug!
Thanks for shedding in some light though!

Also, thank you for making this awesome site!