Excited for the Beta!

I seriously cannot wait till the beta is out. I have been wanting a VRMMO since I got my Vive. I can’t wait to go dungeon crawling, slay monsters, explore, get lost in the world, make friends, make enemies, and most of all, I can’t wait to find a nice little spot and fish.

Can’t wait to meet all of you! So excited! :smile:


Glad to hear it! Welcome aboard.

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I have been watching so many videos of gameplay and lurking the community bored. The player and dev feedback is awesome here. This game is going to go far, I know it. :smiley:

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Hey Casey! The game is a ton of fun, can’t wait for you to join us testing the game out!

Here’s a guide on how to get into the game for beta! https://blog.orbusvr.com/buying-the-game/

If you ever need to watch more videos my personal favorite is the interview Master Shadow had with Riley :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info @Luvstosmooch! I just bought into the beta today.

I have been watching pretty much all of @Master_S videos and love the detail and thought put into them. Seeing the progress of the game in each video is awesome! Can’t wait to stream some dungeon raids.

Any recommendations to a good starter range based class? I have played a few sword fighting VR games so I feel like I may start there just to get the hang of the controls, but idk what ranged class to try first.

I too am excited for the beta dying to test out the changes made with locomotion I was surprise how fast and open this dev has been even with my small outburst and being a jerk they still where great so I plan to promote this game heavily on my youtube page and to anyone who ask me about vr

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Yo! Welcome aboard to the OrbusVR Tests!

My name is Sour. Feel free to say hi if you see me in game. I don’t mind answering questions or providing help.

Cheers :cowboy_hat_face:


I have a few questions about the beta coming up. So if we find a bug where do we report that? Is that something we do on here or is it something that can be done in game?

Both! There will be a feedback thread for reporting bugs here and an output log reporter in the launcher. If you crash or experience a bug you just have to type up a description in the launcher and submit the log before you sign into the game again.


There is a feedback thread on forum during each test we can report bugs to and the game launcher has a bug reporting feature. If the game crashes you can enter a brief description of what you were doing during the crash and your output log with automatically send. It’s an easy way to find patterns across all the users. (In short: forum or game launcher)

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Awesome, thanks @Luvstosmooch & @Logan.

Just bought into the Closed Beta and i am really excited too.

Will we get a download link per mail or how to i get the client?

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Riley will post it either today or tomorrow in a forum post (also blogpost I believe) where you have to click a link to download the launcher, so far we did not need to install just extract the files and run the Launcher exe. I am also pretty excited about the test :smiley:


Downloading the patch now! Sadly I am camping until Saturday afternoon… So I’ll be a little late meeting everyone on the first beta, but I’ll see y’all then!

Look for me, in game name is Dreks