Experiencing the "VRClient.exe has Stopped" error


I realize this isn’t a bug, more of a technical issue, and I realize that this topic had been discussed previously, but I couldn’t find the resolve in any of the threads. So I am asking the question again, in hopes that I too can get this resolved because it is rather annoying.
My Computer is i5 / 16Gb ram Samsung EVO SSD, EVGA 1070 Hybrid with a Corsair 850 P/S. I am using the Rift Oculus with 3 sensors in fixed (screwed to wall) locations.
When playing the game, I just purchased it a few days ago, I haven’t even made it out of the learning or tutorial area and about every 15-20 minutes the game locks up and when I pull the VR Goggles off, on my screen is the “VR Client.exe has Stopped Working”, and I am running the graphics on ULTRA setting.
I saw in the other threads where the “Error Log” was asked for, but I have made my way to the folder I believe it should be in…Primarary HDD > Software > orbus-online-llc-orbusvr > vrclient_Data and from that point there are 5 folders and none of the have a error log or crash log that I can find to help you help me find the root to this issue.
Anyhow, thank you in advance for any help in fixing this issue because the game looks like it will be super fun to play.

Gary S


I used to get that a lot too, it’s an issue that’s under investigation. There is a workaround on the character selection screen, choose the web socket option, it’ll help.


Oh and welcome to the game! Once you really get to play it, I’m sure you’ll love it :heart::smile:


I read in one of the discord threads that the latest Nvidia drivers are causing an issue with the Rift. Recommended using version 388.59 from Dec.


I get the exact same message with my vive sometimes. Was quite bad yesterday, crashes upon character login continually no matter the chosen option, waited 1h, then no problems :thinking:


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