Exploit Bug Patched

Hi everyone, we wanted to make a public post about the recent bug that was exploited by a few players inside of Orbus. We were able to patch the exploit after it was brought to our attention on 8/23.

We have been working through server logs to ensure all advantages the exploit gave to the players using it have been reverted. We will be monitoring logs and continuing to check through player data on a second pass next week, to ensure we captured everything. If you have any additional information, or questions please send me a private message so we can investigate further.

As a reminder, you will not be in trouble if you find a exploit in the game as long as you report it to the development team and do not abuse the exploit for your own personal gain. The failure to report, along with the abuse of the exploit, is in direct violation of the Code Of Conduct and has resulted in actions being taken against those players.

On a side note, we will have a blog post next week about the upcoming fall fest preview as well as the bug fixes we have been working on.