Explore The Realm x6 Points Event

Hey everyone, after last week’s point update announcing that we would be doubling the points earned that week from the community, we actually decided to triple it instead as a reward and ongoing incentive.

So we’re officially past the half-way point!
This week, the points you earn will be quadrupled, so keep up the effort and help build that boat, there’s an island that needs exploring! :smile:

Update: Points are quintupled this week!


Gahhh but this week’s items are:
Sunfish, for very little points
Cryejil, which spawns only 3-4 at a time
Potions that require Sour Bells to make the x10 of (and I used all the sour bells last week :frowning: )

This week is gonna be slow for me to turn in :frowning:

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10 x 200 x 4 at least pot tank kills on our drunk raid will be good points, well, probably


if you swap people out you could probably get alot more than 10 kills

The 10x was for 10 people in the group, not doing the boss only 10 times, we used to do 20+ lockouts during our pet runs due to alts and random people we would pull in

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Im so ready to run 10 pot tanks on normal and 10 on hard with one group for a mere 160,000 points after the 4x point boost

Just wanted to confirm that the points are updated, and this coming week the points will be quintupled!

Felid (25)
Stafrusher (10)
Chaos Purity (150)

Blue Scales (15)
Feathers (20)
Dram Major Dye (200)

:crazy_face: So worth the price :crazy_face:

…said noooone.


How many were added?

1,513,320 total I believe - it was a slow week last week.

This week will be slow as well most likely. I spent 100k dram to get about 28k points. I can’t really justify much more with the dram to points ratio for the materials this week. Now if Linstanium/Queens Ear/Reedflute comes back again…you may see a VERY sizeable jump :wink:

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Pinecones, coconut, those white flowers would also be great choices

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Or dyes we are actually showered with… navy, reddish ones etc. But dram dye, 25k for a meager 200pts?! My *ss… Also a farmable boss would make more sense, Airship is pretty much "point"less with all the waves u need to wait for, until he appears. Currently this gets worse and worse, expecting 10x week soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Wood scraps… you know… for the BOAT we are building


small tooth, bloodcap, shiny metal, and rotospore would also be great items for a week

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Also, next time an all-time pointgiver would be an option, like: Green Shards, Runemage Reagents…

(What I never wanna see again, though, is dungeon shards, or only lvl 1s allowed, since it could (and has) triggered some to turn in hours of common play progress :-/ )

Good luck everyone still helping towards the explore the realm :slight_smile: :upside_down_face: :slight_smile:

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Of course it’s slowing down everyone got the prize they wanted from it all ready

They need to add a 100 000 point award :crazy_face:

Overworld drop? :thinking: (ooh read ‘reward’ instead of ‘award’ for some reason. But overworld drop = 100k points xD)