Extend Queue to Tradu Mines Normal!


I loved the queue but didn’t use it since the first 2 weeks it was launched. It was working very well so perhaps it is not too hard to extend it to Tradu Mines?
The only thing which needs to be different would be a restriction to level 20 players having that option. All else functions as normal, no scaling, guaranteed drops every 5 kills etc. A queue for the four Tradu dungeons would benefit a large group of players, for example:

  • Gearing Up/Learning/Socializing: Fresh Level 20s can get their first drops and at the same time learn something new from the more experienced. And they get a foot inside the community, meeting folks from different guilds.
  • Gearing Up/Stats: Mid-experienced players could go for higher stats infusing magic/phys def/vitality from normal drops into their shard gear.
  • Trail of the Ancients: Mid-experienced players who are still missing one or both tradu capes for the quest can get their kills up.
  • Transmog: Even some expert players miss the transmog gear for one or more classes, having a cross-guild queue would allow to farm this gear way easier before reborn.

A level 20 queue would also be very nice for those in timezones with low player amounts on server. And make it easier for groups of 2 or 3 who gather to farm transmog gear.
(Likely it should be a random port just like it is with the three other dungeons, because it is going to be hard to find a random group for specific tradu dungeons.)

This is not meant as an alternative to the - hopefully - forthcoming incentives for Lvl 20s to join the existing queue for Rainforest, Maeo and Desert with lower players. But it would be nice for the mentioned activities which are rather hard to pursue without and the best thing, functionality and incentives are already there :slight_smile: .


I second this. Hear hear


Would be interesting to combine with the party search, and maybe have something like a shard to summon everyone in the party to the dungeon?


Tradu mines should not be locked to level 20 only.


We used to run Sentry with lvl 19s in guild, due to lack of 20s, it is sure possible if the rest knows what to do. Yet for random groups this would mean all lvl 19 in the entire game could queue up (and likely will to escape the boring grind). With a level 20 restriction it’s unlikely to get a group of all-fresh players. Opening it to 19s or earlier, on the other hand, almost guarantees an undergeared and less skilled group which will wipe alot if it’s not ported to easy bosses. Which in return could scare away more experienced players who want to help, but also get things done.
So I’d rather have an additional incentive to level to 20, it is only a matter of few days of grinding, yet if people can get dungeon spots before, they perhaps even more take their time instead of getting there already.


well, i dont think this is an issue as long as it is limited to the easier two tradu dungeons (skywalk and lab). crypt and forest suck for new groups… and even geared groups have trouble on the last boss of crypt if they dont have a good aoe mage.

All i can say is that as long as crypt and forest are in the queue, i will never use it.


I don’t know when you last tried it, but this boss got nerfed so that it is actually one of the easier bosses now, at least on normal and lower shards! A mage helps but is hardly needed, a healer can just poison the adds, for example, and these can literally not bring me down on normal, even if I had to kill them alone as a musky. The issues groups currently have with the crypt is the worm because it is either hard (leave adds alive) or incredibly slow (kill all adds before).

As for forest, true, this needs a good tank plus decent dps to get it done, even on normal. But since so many people need 36 kills for the shroom (and only 18 for tank keeper) most will group up for it, despite.

Also the idea could be extended to choose which dungeons you wanna do - likely a good idea for the current queue too, in the long run! - this will not hurt because there’s likely enough people left choosing everything.


Obviously the main thing holding this back is the Tradu Mines not being level scaled, and the queuing system not having a function currently where it can filter by level. But yeah we will talk about that internally and see if we want to do anything there.


Its a tank fight and not a dps fight, you could theoretically do it with a level 20 tank and 4 level 1s but it would take a while


no, most of them need dps too, the mutated shroom you need to kill the mushrooms that pop up, tank keeper you need to kill the tank in time, on worm the big ads are taken care of by the dps and healer, soulkeeper you need to kill the minions, squiddie you need to kill the ads, potion keeper you can do, sentry you can do, mist keeper they would get fucked by the different fases.

So the only ones you can do with lower levels at the moment are potion keeper and sentry


Yes, that is what I replied as Metris was talking about running sentry with level 19s so I expanded on it saying you theoretically can run sentry with 4 level 1s and a level 20 tank, but it would take a while at the moment.


oh, my bad. should have read the reast of the replies :stuck_out_tongue:

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