Eye blinking on players

Not sure if I am crazy but I noticed eye blinking on player avatars today. Is this a new thing? I have a video of it as well.

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I don’t know if it is related, but I’ve noticed that (recently - like this week) if I close my eyes for a second, sometimes my screen goes black for a few seconds.

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No its not new but it rarely happens, might be a bug that it happens or it might be a bug that it is not most of the time

Its something thats been in the game for forever but is broken and only happens very rarely. To be honest I’m preaty okay with not seeing people blink though because it honesty terrifies me when it happens.


Guess I just have never noticed it before.

one weird thing I’ve noticed where it happens a lot is where the turtorial takes place like right where mushrooms are at

Yeah me too. That is where I first noticed it.