Familiar pet blocking Line of Sight

Thought I’d share this fast. The familiar pet (the dragon tiger I think it is?) blocks line of sight when I am casting. Even though he is very small and there should be room for my spells to pass over him they seem to get caught up on him.

Might be a good idea to send your pet away if you are in a grp with someone who needs LOS.

I’m an Australian so the latency is quite bad, sometimes when other people’s pets or players are moving around my spell will collide with them and it’s really hard to compensate for in large parties.

I think outside of PVP offensive spells should pass through friendly objects, obviously with exception of buffs/future heals/nullification etc. (Or at least an option to disable it)

Yeah I will try to make the pet collider smaller. Players blocking spells is actually part of the intended design of the game right now, although who knows that may change.

Just out of curiosity how bad is your latency in Australia? Are you getting a latency warning along the top where your XP bar is?

Hey Riley, not that I have seen.

There are minor issues surround me being able to dodge effectively (as even though I appear to be out of range of ghosts AOE etc) I still often get struck.

The main issue early on is because of the expected and average 200-300 ms ping (the standard for Aussies playing on US servers) is that it’s sometimes hard to hit distant objects with the rune mage.

Having said that, it is playable and I’m very much enjoying it, it just takes some time to get used to the delay.
I have incorporated it into my play style and after 5 or so levels of playing it usually doesn’t even affect me solo.

The only issue from that point is and in the party questing is when people are criss-crossing around in a party and your delayed shot collides with someone who moved either before or after the projectile was launched, it just becomes a game of sit to the side of the party which kind of exposes you. I like sitting behind the group of warriors etc as it provides cover, if there’s a warrior shielding a mobit’s really hard to actually hit the mob.

I often have to flank around the back of the enemy which usually exposes me further to other spawning groups of mobs, which I think kind of defeats the intended purpose of the warrior! :slight_smile:

I hope this helps, if you have any further questions just shoot.