[Fan Art] Cross' Fancy Hi-Res Art Thread (Update #001)

I’m a 3D Artist and one of my favorite ways to practice is to make 3D Fan Art. I personally think the best projects for that are ones that don’t necessarily belong in 3D or in a particular art style. Orbus’ low poly art style is perfect for this so during the last Beta hiatus I worked on a few 1-2 hour practice projects.

All designs by Orbus VR

I’ll be updating this thread with any other pieces I end up making in the future.

Also in an effort to make it easier for people like me who love scouring Community forums like this for Fan Art, I think anyone who does a post similar to this should head their title with [Fan Art], makes it easy to see all the talented people.

(Edit) Accidentally posted too early, but no real harm. In a bit I’ll link the video of all the bits I meant to post with this.


This is the video I meant to have on the initial post.

@Elijah_W I told you I’d post it! It only took exactly how ever long I procrastinated for.


This needs to be seen!

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Really cool! I look forward to the eventually OrbusVR machinima :smile:


Finishing up a few more pieces for practice and while I was working on those I uploaded the other models I made onto SketchFab. Just in case anyone wants to tear apart my work and tell me where I messed up! Also please do that, critiques can never hurt! Or maybe you just want to check out the models in a better way than a super compressed video.

Tier 1 Sword

Tier 1 RuneMage Helm

Home Teleport

(Small design note: The Sleek Stone being completely separated was a design idea I had because the Home Teleport will bring you back to your home despite its location. So I thought maybe each time you bought a house you’d get your key but also a new Teleport Stone with a slightly different pattern to the runes based on the new coordinates your home has. Or less cumbersome you get 4 new pins that replace the others on top of the stone and those are the coordinates to your new home. This is also why there’s an Animation of the “Claws” retracting so that you could replace the stone if you wanted to.)


Dude that animation on the teleport disk is so well thought out and cool!


Made a few more assets from OrbusVR! This time its the Tier 2 RuneMage Wand “Flames Eat The Wood”, The Harvesting Pick and the Warriors Horn. For these pieces I took a few more creative licenses when altering the designs for a higher poly/resolution asset.

Below are the Sketch Fab files and some design notes that explain my thought process for altering the designs.

Tier 2 Wand

(This one is pretty similar to the lowpoly, aside from adding a hot spot to the tip of the wand. I wanted it to look like some flames inside the core are eating away the wood)

Harvesting Pick

(This one had a bit of redesign based on the simple fact that you don’t mine plants. That was mostly it, you can’t collect plants with a pointy pick. So I slightly modified it so one end would have a bit of a shovel/hoe tip and allow you to harvest plants without destroying them! Also altered the base of the handle so that on the pick end you could two hand it and get a really solid swing in, but on the reverse you have a better shape to grip and drag it like a rake)

Warrior Horn

(The horn had the most redesign based partially on how simple the original low poly is and also because I wanted the horn to be from an actual creature in-game. Someone is making Dram by selling all these beginner items to Guardian Bart. For the Warrior Horn my head canon is that Lord Rudolf and his lackeys go out into the Burning Forest to hunt Wyrm for their horns! I also looked at a few other creatures but I really liked that shape of the Wyrm horns. The design, beyond the horn change, was partially just recreating elements from Boromir’s Horn from LotR.)

Edit: If anyone is unfamiliar with SketchFab you can rotate the light by holding Alt.


can you transition these to a STL file so I can 3d print them?


Didn’t even think of that but yeah, most of the subtle detail was sculpted in Zbrush so I could pretty easily make some STL’s. I will throw those up when I get around to makin them. Thanks for the suggestion!


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