Fat people need shoulders too


Okay so I got hardmode raid shoulders for ranger in our raid last week and I added dyes and tileset to them so match up with the rest of my gear but I was super disappointed because they are really close to my fat and look kinda bad, I thought that maybe I had my character set with his shoulders pulled in close like a skinny person’s shoulders on a fat person, when I went to adjust it, I noticed, not only that I was already as fat as it gets, but when you adjust the shoulders, the shoulder armour doesn’t move to adjust to your body unlike the other bits, which is probably why shoulders look so bad on fat people, my mage gear looks awful because of this too

TL:DR = Make shoulders adjust with character please.


Maybe you need to lay off the carbs.





And the licking


:rofl:first was cam and sparky rosting rickness now adulthuman :rofl:


Thanks for the heads up. This is on all shoulders in general, right? We’ll make a note of it.

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Yes, this is all shoulders