FatterCat's review of the game after almost a year of playing the game


English isn’t my first language, give me a break please.

Greetings Orbus community,

This is just a personal final review of the game before the new update, reborn, comes out and after extensive play of the game. If there are anything that triggers you or upsets you, please comment down below so we can all laugh at you. My goal isn’t to offend anyone, it’s to give everyone my view on the game and maybe as a feedback to the DEV team.

As a traditional MMORPG player ever sense I was 10 years old, there are a lot of things that OrbusVR really satisfies me.

The cheesy, predictable story line of the game was one of them. I know now days a lot of players likes to skip everything and just get the quests done with because they hate doing quests. I do that a lot with most MMORPG’s I’ve played through out the years too, but not this one. I came into the game without any friends because not everyone can afford VR headsets. So in order for me to at least have some fun with the questing, I read all of them. I almost forgot how much fun it was to quest and knowing what the quests are really about.

Unlike any other MMORPG’s I’ve ever played, OrbusVR has a very unique communication methods. In traditional MMORPG’s you most likely to talk to strangers via text. In OrbusVR I can run up to someone and ask for help by just talking to them like a normal person would in the streets. (Not that random strangers would do that every day or anything) It’s just something about being able to talk to strangers normally using voice that makes this fun and different.

The communication and team work that the community displays is just incredible. I remember months ago when I started to run dungeons with friends that I’ve made within the community, I realized that there is no way I could have been able to do anything efficiently without discord.(This is especially true for raids.) With that said, I really wish there’s a better in game voice system.

The economy of the game was a bit disappointing. I did read through the forums and people having discussions about the unique economy of the game, but I still think it’s trash. The only trade-able/worth trading items in game are so easy to get, they practically worth nothing. Dram is such a worthless currency because how easy it is to farm and how little things you can buy with them. A person with a billion dram is going to be just as powerful as a person with 100k in the bank. It would make more sense if the equip-ables can be trade to other players. Or maybe add an enchanting system that require items that can be farmed and traded to become more powerful.

The lack of knowledge for new players is really frustrating. Yes, I know there are signs everywhere at the beginning area teaching you about the basic controls of the game. What I was talking about is the lack of information about how the flow of the game is like. When a new player hit level 20, he or she will most likely not to have any useful information about the Shard Dungeon system. For a system that most of the mid game players will be spending their time on, there are surprisingly small about of information that is being provided via the game itself.

The lack of solo play. I know the game is more fun to play with other people and friends, but sometimes I just want to progress through the game by myself. I think there are a lot of players who left the game because of lack of solo play content. I know I’ve thought about it. Sometimes there are just not enough players that can run the same level shard dungeons online at the same time. This will change in the future when the game gets more polished and populated, I hope. But for now, I think more solo play value should be added. (Maybe there is something being added in Reborn for solo play and I just missed it.)

ALL THE BUGSssss… So many bugs… I’m scared of bugs…DEV’s, Please please please give us a less buggy OrbusVR for Reborn. I won’t point out any of the bugs here because there are already so many posts about the bugs in game. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that the DEV team can manage to work through the old bugs and hopefully won’t see them in the Reborn update. I know you guys are working hard and OrbusVR isn’t the only thing that is important in your lives, but this could have so much potential to be the best thing on VR.

Thank you for reading though all my grammar mistakes without throwing up. I love you all.


I also know a few people who never joined because of the nigh-required social aspect. I know it’s an MMO, but there are solo players out there who don’t really enjoy having to deal with joining larger groups


I believe that there are communities which do not require socializing and just want to cut through the chit chat and get some hard PvE done. If the game is stable enough in reborn (which I hope it will be) then I see that those communities will thrive.

I see myself as a hardcore PvE guy at heart and I would love to see that community thrive more. I purposefully built up Alphabet with 2 sides; a social side, for more social players and a hardcore PvE side, for those who do not necessarily want to socialize but are happy discuss strategy. I believe from playing MMO’s they are the 2 of the 3 extremes and the better that orbus can accommodate those players, the more the community will thrive.

I know its a little off the ball park of what you meant by solo play but I believe it can be a similar ethos of explicit focus towards an accomplishment :slight_smile: (also apologies for name dropping my team; i just dont know any other example I can give to explain the split).

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