Favorite Discipline (So Far)

Here we are, a few days in. Let’s take a random poll on what everyone’s favorite class is so far! Feel free to post why down below!

  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Musketeer
  • Runemage

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This may be of interest to you.

I did see that, thank you! But with the influx of new people (such as myself), I was curious if it changed at all. If you feel this is inappropriate, please feel free to remove it. :slight_smile:

Oh, no, not at all! I just wasn’t sure you saw this thread and thought you may enjoy seeing the results prior to launch and maybe comparing them. :smile:

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I chose Ranger, despite it initially being #3 on my “Classes I want to play” list at launch.

#1 was Musketeer, I love technical classes and I generally play healers or support, so it seemed like a great choice. However, because of my sporadic schedule, I didn’t really have anyone to play with with any level of consistency, and solo Musketeer just felt…boring. Trudging through that much monster HP just with pure survivability is a chore. I’m sure it’s a great group class and once I hit 20 if I like the endgame I may pick it back up, but for now it’s shelved.

#2 was Runemage. I again like the idea of it, being a high-skill high-reward class, but…well, I really don’t like the design of the tracing of spells being so punishing. It ended up being more frustrating than fun for me. I understand the decision, I just personally don’t like it. Though again, once I have time to practice, I may pick it up and learn it, but during my first class playthrough, trying to deal with Runemage’s fizzles when I have no idea what I’m doing wrong isn’t fun for me.

Ranger ended up being pretty fun, it has that “MMO Class” feel that I really looked for, and despite it being physically demanding, it still feels fun to play. I think it’s a good first class to go through to 20 on.

Interesting how Ranger is on the top now when it was on the bottom of the other poll!

My favorite is runemage! I think the main reason I like it most is because it makes me feel so accomplished (or because I’m a complete Harry Potter nerd) :grin:

I have complete respect for those good at warrior and ranger - you should have seen that king stag ruin me for hours when I was trying those :joy: I know any class takes work to become decent, and working with runemage just felt more fun to me even though it took me two days to cast my first spell.

Musketeer was also a lot of fun. I did enjoy it, but the wand stole my heart. It’s the wand that chooses the wizard, you know :yum:

I also like that runemage feels so varied in that many of us seem to have completely different areas of expertise. I enjoy learning, I enjoy practicing, and I enjoy finally getting a spell downpat. I’m okay with not being able to do everything, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop trying :rofl:


Totally agree with my friend Airis. With a Runemage you feel like a real Wizard :slight_smile:

I was thinking starting with a warrior (lvl 8 atm) and since the moment that I got my wand… there is no other option for me.

I love the feeling, learn new spells, and try over and over craft them correctly, looking for new pillars to get hidden spells, or new locations to my portals.

The best discipline with no dough.

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I like being a Ranger too. I just like how bows play in VR and they did it well IMO.
The other reason is that I have a desk job. I am not fat but some exercize is definatly a good thing. VR ist great. I am not sitting down again in the evenening but am bowing down mobs.
PC gaming never has been this active! I love it.



I know exactly what you mean. When I do sports and my muscels hurt I don´t really wanna do anything except for sitting or lying. But when I can play VR it doesn´t matter if something hurts or I broke my leg it is still fun to play

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I’m playing ranger. Feels badass lining up everything and having good aim. My next class will be runemage.

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Musketeer - Just giving him some love as it appears that he’s not too popular in the polls here. I enjoy the options and support that he brings to the party.

Ranger is nice except it the aiming on Oculus is buggy and off. I know an Admin posted on here saying to aim the bow as it was your wrist… still doesnt work

Runemage, feeling like a wizard, learning spells from other mages, finding your way to draw the spell. Array of spells always ready to be used anytime encourage quick thinking if sometning went wrong and be more tactical overall. Fireworks, portals, resurrection, light… It’s just awesome!!

Oh, and potion easy to grab with no arrow overlaping with it.

I’ve been using the ranger on the oculus and in all honesty, I find having the bow in my left hand and sideways makes it dead on accurate. When I bend my wrist up the bow does steady itself correctly, but for some reason I still find it harder to aim.

Yeah my aim is unaffected by the bug. Just super awkward watching my bow twist in weird angles :smiley:

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