Favorite screen shots

post your favorite screen shots without spoilers

Doing some “light” reading.

The world’s best warg hunters.

A couple ornaments and a few weeks late, but this was my happy holidays screenshot!


Christmas tree was a nice touch lol

90% of my screenshots are bugs but here are the cool ones.

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@Riley_D if you don’t get someone to make plushies of this donkey and put them up for sale, you’ve missed a huge opportunity for some extra $$$.

It’s so adorable.


The donkey may be remodeled later but us vets will always remember the donkey of legend

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That island shot is crazy cool

Here are some from tanking the first dungeon. Hopefully they show up right.

3D versions if you guys want them. Crosseye technique works on these if you know how to do it.


1st shot is very ominous the 2nd one is like an action shot i love it keep em coming folks

i want to see a playable version of this in guild halls / checkers

this guy plays his heart out for you people in the rain and no one ever stops to tip him. ever.

Donkey got an upgrade .

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pst… hey donkey…?

Can i have some of your carrots?


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Wait there’s a donkey farm?!


There are three of them that MLEH in unison in the fort next to guild city.

This is a screenshot of myself, taken by my friend Kilrid, when I pulled out my wand and this spell was showing. I never casted the spell, and I have no idea what the spell is, but it was cool nonetheless. It’s a cool bug so if anyone knows what the spell is, feel free to tell me.

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isn’t that the runemage ultimate?

Woah, never seen it before.

Yes, that’s the Runemage Ult. Pushing in both trigger buttons on your controllers when your yellow ultimate bar is full pulls up the spell.

It’s a linear beam that hits anything in its path with an insane amount of damage. Use wisely.

Am I the only one who notices the resemblance of the donkey with his tongue out for the carrot to the South Park episode when Cartman tried to get the horse to eat the hot dog?

Yea the things that was weird is that I just pulled my wand out and it was there. I hadn’t cased it beforehand, and I couldn’t cast it. Anyway, thanks for telling me how to use it!

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