Feast of strength - Celebrating vanilla orbus and all we have achieved as a community


Join us on the last Saturday before the Reborn extended beta for a Feast of strength! A Celebration of all that has been achieved by the Orbus player base where we will host:

  • a runemage tournament at 2pm EST
  • world boss 1, 2 and 3 at 4pm EST
  • normal mode raids at 5:30pm EST
  • hard mode raids at 6pm EST and
  • drinking and feasting (with a video celebrating community achievements and success in the last year and a hide and seek game hosted by Squall) at 7pm onwards!

Come and celebrate the end of an era and the rebirth of a brand new one with us!

Details are in the link below!

Any Event for the Final Day of Orbus?

Should also add a massive pvp fest in one of the wilds! Should either be guild vs guild or multi guild vs multi guild!

Also I expect TC to be in the video of achievements


Please add all suggestions for video content here: https://discourse.orbus.xyz/t/video-content-for-feast-of-strength-celebration/54

I added whatever can be measured for the achievements part and a couple of funny vids i wanna put in… But the community is big so I wanna get a bit of everyones things in :smiley:


Pvp fest is already in the works. Tell your people. I’m thinking more of a massive free for all over fellowship vs fellowship but either is fine based on community feedback


I like the free for all, because anyone can join that one. Let us make this into a fun bloodbath :smiley:


Problem is in a free for all there will be certain groups cough guides tours cough who will neeer go bandit and just sit there, while the rest of us have to run back


I considered having a 1 life rule. No revives or respawns. But that might be a bit too much for people lol.


What about rotating the wilds? First life in the desert, if you die there then you go to Lucian, then to lavamora last, that way you can free for all and have multiple rounds of play


still looking for video content! If you have funny or memorable moments and you want your team/friends/fellowship to be featured in the vid please submit there :smiley:


what about that time we all fused together into a new boss.


A part with the Gummibärensong would be great! :slight_smile:


Can you post a link to the video :slight_smile:?



At the end of the video the RNGesus walk
Must be featured full length


got an RNGesus video? lol. I remember one where you are praying to RNGesus.


@Saiko can you provide some gummibarenbande video content to go along with this song?


alright I found a couple of wilds PvP vids:

Reminder: Feast of strength!

think @Draven has that whole fight, those videos are missing literally hours of fighting


that fight went on for AGES so much fun


yeah believe those are just random snippets which Justin made. If you have some more memorable moments thatll be nice. @Draven ?