Feedback / Suggestions From a New Player

My apologies for duping this up from the other thread. I just don’t want my feedback to get lost. Decided to take the plunge into the game tonight, and I’m glad I did. This is an excellent VR game! And I’m glad to see an MMO that I’m sure I’m going to pump a lot of hours into.

From a new player perspective (seeing nothing but a few Youtube videos, and playing now for about 2 hours), I wanted to give some cursory feedback, so that hopefully some of it can be used for the devs / QAs in any way you’d like. I know this is going to be a very long thread, so you have my apologies. I tend to write a lot, and I do this sort of thing for my real world job.

  • I want to add on to the requests about Maps in a different way. Don’t make the maps show where you are (I agree with this). This is VR, you will literally travel the world and learn it like a map. But can you make it not be a page in the book? Coming from a new player - just started tonight - I’m reading the book a lot. So it’s not on the map page. Meaning I’ve got to turn the pages to get back to the map. Can you give us either a bookmark, or a “map” on my belt that I can pull out like the book to see a map?

  • Push to Talk. So. I love VR, and the aspects of talking with everyone constantly. I love the positional audio (very cool by the way). But in the real world - I’ve got kids. You don’t want to hear my kids. So there’s very real need for me to have a push to talk aspect to help fellow players around me. I don’t want to just “turn off my mic”, because I want to be a part of the world. But I want to be respectful of everyone’s time. So if you can add an ability to do this? That would rock.

  • Movement only on one controller - Might be a Vive thing, may already be an option (I will play around again shortly), but making both controllers move me around just by “touch” can get in the way sometimes. Also, I’m a fan of “pushing” instead of gently sliding my thumb, and I don’t see an option for that. Not hard pressing on this (I can easily get used to it), but figured to bring it up in suggestion threads.

  • Musketeer / Ranger - Aiming? It might be just my newness to the game, but I’m finding aiming difficult. I have to “guess” if I’m close. So is there some sights on the gun / bow that I’m not using to help make me more accurate that I’m missing? If not, could you add them?

  • Words / Numbers over bars - When I had my shield out as a warrior, to be quite honest I had literally no idea what any of the bars meant or did. Same with the icons. All pretty…but I was scratching my head. No numbers on them. I figured green was health? Had to guess blue was the shield. Even reading the entry in the book only kind of helped. So could you put some numbers over them to make them a bit more understandable?

  • Little more clarification on how certain skills of classes work - Example - the turret on the musketeer. I still don’t quite get it. Read I have to shake it to change it from healing to damage. I have no idea which is which. Guessing red is damage? Then when I throw it it stays. Ok, very cool that I experimented to figure that out. But does it ever come back? Does it stay there forever? There’s nothing really to explain this to a new player. Same goes for all your other classes and abilities. More ways to explain the nuances would be helpful to new players.

  • More eyes for guys - nuff said :slight_smile: the droopy and old eyes are fine, but I’d like some normal wide eyes please!

  • More short hair models - I’ve got short hair in real life. Would love to have some on the characters!

  • Facial hair for characters?

  • Easier way to see you’ve aggroed or entered combat. I haven’t found any easy way (other than the mob running straight for me) to tell I just got aggro. Anything you can do to alert us would be great!

  • I play Musketeer. I like the guns. So the Turret? On my right shoulder. I shoot right handed. So it’s tough to reach with my left hand while shooting to my right shoulder and pull it out to throw up. I eventually got used to it, but when I looked to change shoulders? I can’t. Can’t move it around in inventory between the compass and the turret. Can that be fixed so I can move it where it makes sense?

  • Speaking of moving the abilities, do they HAVE to be on your shoulders? Can you move them to your waist? Potentially with smaller icons?

  • The reason I mention smaller icons, is with a full decked out waist (tool, teleport, turret, etc), I found that when I tried to grab things on the ground (or look at things on the ground), all the stuff on me would get in the way. Sometimes I’d grab my pick instead. Smaller icons would probably fix this if you want to leave them where they are at.

  • Other than music, definitely can’t tell something will invoke aggro on me. It needs something so I know if I get too close, it’s going to try to kill me. AKA - the Stags and Rabbits? Should they by default be aggro?

  • Overheard in game - thought it was a good idea - for spells, if you don’t quite get the spell right, but you get REALLY close to what it should look like, can you make it still cast the spell, but at a reduced damage / output? Do something to show them that they didn’t quite do it right, but it still kicks off. Think of it like the swing of the sword for warriors.

  • For Warriors - can we have more than just a sword? Pike, Axe, two handed weapons? Not all warriors are going to want to be tanks, but the more types of weapons we can have the better.

  • Musketeers - Scopes / long range rifles? Thinking of how you’d upgrade their weapons.

  • Rangers - Cross bows?

  • This goes to my other suggestion above about your map, but now to the journal. Turning the compass upside down? While I get it saves space, it’s really hard on my wrists to do. You gotta really get that sucker upside down to pop out. So can there be another way to do this?

  • Some of the quests, within the journal, don’t remind you of little things that the NPC said. Since you also can’t talk to the NPC again, you might get a little lost. For example, I went on the quest for the herbs (second quest I think), and I thought the Chef said to go to the woods. So out I went to really high level wolves, and that didn’t feel right. Come to find out he meant by the farm. There wasn’t anything in the journal to help me figure that out, so I was guessing. So either talking to the quest giver again, or better instructions in the quest notes would be a big help.

  • Your equipment slot icons in your inventory aren’t quite intuitive. I had to guess which ones were for the shoulders, vs which one is for your chest, etc. Words, or lines to where they go would be a big help.

  • Tiny hats getting rid of hair? I know I said I wanted short hair, but not to be bald! Putting on the musketeer hat makes me look like little john. No hair. Can that be fixed or is that a limitation of the models?

  • Going on confusing questions - if you need to use a quest item, there’s nothing showing you it’s “used” or is “still needed”. Example, I ended up killing 2 stags before going to the chef. For some reason I had 2 Stag meat in my inventory (both quest items). I went to the chef, got my new quest for the herbs from him. He mentioned nothing about the meat (or taking it from me), so I look in my inventory and both Stag meat are still there. Naturally, I figured I didn’t need them any more so trashed them, only to find out I still needed one for the next quest! So some way to let us know something is still needed, or was used would be a big help.

  • Overlays about achievements, quests completed etc, are on your “center” view (wherever you are looking). If they pop up while you are trying to read an NPCs quest or dialog, they overlap behind it. Making both hard to read or pay attention to. Not sure how to fix this, but it’s something to look at.

  • Why no going up stairs animation? The warping is ok, but animation for those of us that do full loco would be great.

  • When opening a door and going in, you end up facing the door when you get in. Might make more sense to face straight away from the door?

  • I found a few times while fighting (in a group) that I couldn’t use my full loco to “back up” as I was getting seriously hurt. I appeared “stuck”. So I had to teleport away. Not sure if that’s a bug or intended.

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The OP includes SOO many of the little things that irked me. So far I’m really liking the game, so these might sound like complaints but I’m really just trying to give feedback on things that felt like they needed some work in hopes that we can get the game to be even better.

Tutorial - When using the bow, I understood the ability to swap the bow to the other hand as a tip, not a requirement. I ignored it because I was satisfied with the original positioning and spent 5 minutes looking for a training dummy that hadn’t appeared, simply because I didn’t swap hands and then back.

The map. It’s kind of ugly and it’s in the journal…which is fine but you need to make it MUCH clearer that it’s found there and MUCH clearer that you have to torque that compass ALL THE WAY over to get it to pop up. I saw the little blue ‘!’ on the bottom which made me flip it over but I wasn’t going far enough and failed to find the journal for a good 10 minutes. As the OP said, it’s kind of a contortion to turn it over that far. The NPC said he marked my map with the location of the quest target, but there was nothing really on the map that jumped out as being a “marker”. Maybe give player and target locations a glowing outline or a contrasting color? Another thing I noticed was when I flipped a page to check quest info, the map on the next page was popping through incorrectly onto the quest info page and occluding the text. It seems the map only shows the beginning areas as well. I hope it’s a placeholder and that we’ll get either more map pages or a more interactive map that can pan/zoom with POIs.

Tooltips - these need help. It would be awesome if I could “point” and just have a beam come out of the fingertip to point at the UI. Give me an INSTANT tooltip popup, or at least a setting for the delay. Sometimes I’m just trying to check the stats or text on things and I inadvertently end up rearranging them. If the icons are the same I might not even know what ended up where so I start all over again, potentially rearranging items AGAIN.

Combos - Once I found the journal I did see that these were listed. I do think it would be nice to have some kind of “ghost” animation to give you a preview of the motions you should use or something so we can be sure we’re doing it right.

I also agree with the belt items getting in the way of picking up bags. I did find that if I just reach out above the item and don’t go directly for it, I have better success of NOT grabbing my pickaxe instead.

Stats on the inside of the shield really need labels. I know it’s in the journal, but I constantly find myself asking “wait, which bar did that stat go to again?” In the middle of a fight I’m not going to mess with the compass, flip some pages, and do some reading just to know that some bar is my health, etc. I STILL have no idea what those icons mean under the stat bars.

Maybe a HUD that we can at least choose to enable? Quest requirements (kill 10 more wolves, etc), what we found in that loot bag we just picked up would be welcome info while playing.

Dying and being stranded - I grouped with a friend and we apparently wandered to an area we couldn’t handle yet. We respawned in a strange place with no idea how to get back to familiar territory. We found an airlift station but the boat we took only took us to yet another unfamiliar place. Some direction on how one would get back home would be great. Maybe give us a way to bind to a city and revive there? I know of the home teleporter orb thingy, but if we’ve recently used that then we’re stuck for a bit.


I logged back in after writing this and being stranded in the desert. I walked up to the platform because I found out the route was cyclical. There was a red dragon thing right under the platform that insta-killed me as soon as I went up the steps, every time. Prevent mobs from going near the platforms.

Doors/zoning - Make sure the player spawns are pointing away from portals/doorways. I often find myself on the other side of a door STILL facing the door but from the other side. I found a cave that took me to a mountaintop with two very large statues. The exit from the cave where I appeared could not be escaped using full locomotion. Any movement would pop me back into the cave. I had to teleport out of range of the entrance to stay outside. Opening doors is a bit odd too. I feel like I need to pull the door through my body to open it - I’m always tripping over my vive cable to step back enough to open it all the way after having to get so close to reach it. Maybe there’s a better mechanic for this? Grab the knob and twist maybe? I dunno.

Server lag? It feels like all character movements update on a heartbeat. I see everyone’s toon moving a few steps at a time with a break every second or so. And no, it’s not my connection. I’m wired on a gigabit LAN with a 200mb cable connection.

I just started tonight and have some feedback of my own after playing for a few hours. It’s definitely an interesting game but it’s still really rough around the edges. I’m not sure it’s far enough along for me yet.

  • Checking item descriptions - Inspecting the stats of an item is not intuitive. I couldn’t figure out that I was supposed to hover my finger just over the icon until I overheard someone else mention it. Sometimes it felt like I had to hold my finger there for a long time before the description popped up. When I had multiple items that looked identical, but with different stats, it was a pain to check them all to make sure I had the best one equipped.

  • Musketeer orb icons - When staring out as a musketeer, since I couldn’t figure out how to check the description of things, I was overwhelmed by the number of orbs available to start with. It’s not obvious which ones are damage and which are healing, and several of them I assumed were damage based on the icon I later discovered were not.

  • Overwhelming amount of abilites - As a new player in an MMO I’m accustomed to starting with fewer abilities and learning things as I level up. Not only does it help the player learn things more easily by introducing them over time, it also gives them something to look forward to and achieve. I would have preferred to just start with one damage orb, and then learn the healing ones later as I get to a level where I’m expected to group. Trying to learn all the nuances of your class right away at level 1 is pretty overwhelming.

  • Arrows on Musketeer? - I can equip arrows when playing as musketeer? At first I thought I was configuring the default shot damage for my musketeer but I’m guessing now it’s for the archer and doesn’t affect my musketeer at all.

  • Musketeer turret appearance - I thought it was broken initially when I threw it like a grenade and it stopped midair, as I was expecting it to land on the ground. It also doesn’t really look like a turret.

  • Auto-equip to slot - A method of automatically equipping items to the correct slot would be nice. I looted a pair of “gloves” that looked like bracers, and was initially confused why they wouldn’t stay equipped in my wrist slot. The icon shows up temporarily if you put it in the wrong spot and then disappears.

  • Lock toolbelt when in dialog - I keep accidentally grabbing the pickaxe off my belt when trying to point at the dialog options. I know it’s because I sometimes hit the trigger button to early before I get my hand over the text but it feels like a clunky UI. The tool belt items should be locked when in dialog with NPCs or interfacing with the UI.

  • Push to talk - It was mentioned in the original post, but wanted to reiterate that a push to talk button is desperately needed. Nobody needs to hear non-game related conversations I’m having with someone in my room and I couldn’t easily find the mute button in the settings (if there is one).

  • More customization options - Needs way more here. I’m sure it’s coming, but I’m the type who will spend twenty minutes getting their avatar just right in an MMO and there’s really nothing for me there in this game. If I don’t feel attached to my avatar then I quickly lose interest in playing.

  • Analog movement doesn’t work in graveyard - It took me a few minutes to realize I had to teleport out of the graveyard, since I wasn’t using teleport at all during the rest of the game.

  • Rabbits dropping guns? - I get that class appropriate gear seems to just drop randomly in this game, but rabbits dropping guns is kind of immersion breaking. I’d prefer to get weapons/armor from humanoid enemies and sell or craft with the loot to get equipment from other enemy types. Or do what other MMOs do and give gear out as a reward for killing 30 of the rabbits instead of a few coins.

These are in your journal. Anything that will aggro has an icon over it’s head showing its level in relation to yours. The higher the mob’s level, the further away you can aggro. After a few pulls you’ll start to learn how close you can get without being at risk.

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About analog not working in the graveyard - I’ve noticed sometimes the analog input just decides to stop working once in a while and I have to teleport to get it to work again. Usually happens after fighting or dying it seems, but maybe that’s a false correlation.

I agree with everything you brought up. Some of it bugged me at the time, and reading it I’m going “oh yeah! THAT!”

It’s possible the analog movement issue is unrelated to the graveyard. I experienced it in the graveyard after every death, so I assumed they were connected. I never had it happen after a fight that I can recall from my short play through, but it’s possible since your movement speed is reduced/altered during combat.

I feel like they need a free weekend to give people a chance to really experience this game. The 2-hour refund window on Steam is not nearly enough time to discover if you’ll enjoy it or not, and the lack of polish at its current level of development left me not wanting to gamble as much as $40. I’m guessing if I were to invest a few more hours getting used to the games quirks and had time to make friends I might be more inclined to stick around.

Yea that is true, you can see the icons and assume anything with an icon is aggro. Just takes some getting used to :slight_smile:

More feedback from playthrough tonight :

  • So I followed the advice about the aggro above. I’m going to assume that “no” icon above their head means very very low level. But they’ll still aggro me when I get right up on them. So that’s a bit confusing.

  • When an item loses full durability (like a lure), it shows red when it’s on your character but in your inventory you have to highlight over it to see that it’s broken (reading the 0/X durability). I was tempted to add this to my bugs thread, but it may be intended? If so that’s not intuitive.

  • Is there any reason certain items don’t stack? I killed a bunch of bucks, have a bunch of meat, but it doesn’t stack in your inventory.

  • Speaking of Stags, I have the hunting quest to kill 4 of a bunch of animals. I killed 4 of the bucks right by the village and they didn’t count. I quickly figured out that you have to kill the ones down by the lake, but this isn’t something I would have thought of. I might be missing something with this one (probably a surname or something), but it wasn’t apparent I was with the wrong ones.

  • Can there be a mass move from your inventory into a stash? a way to move multiple at once maybe?

  • Your beginner items. Can you never destroy or sell them?

  • Selling things to a vendor is also not intuitive. I was at the apprentice blacksmith. Instead of breaking down an item, I thought I could just sell the weapons and armor for dram to them directly. Took me a while, and reading a few signs to figure out that they wanted the crystals, and then I would have to break them down first to do it. For a new player? That’s not intuitive. So why can’t we just sell them out-right?

  • I know it’s coming in the future, but I did try to sell to all the auction NPCs first. Thought something was broken when I saw the blank screen, but that was one of my first instincts was to sell the extra items at “any vendor I saw”.

  • I wrote it in the bugs, but will put it here. I can see NPCs and people down in different areas from a hill down to say the lake. First, I don’t know if anyone can hear me down there if I yell to them (and they are semi close). If not, why not? Second, I was shooting creatures down there because I’m a musketeer, and Snipers for life. I realize that it’s tough because they have no path up to you, but could this be a reason to potentially allow for going up and down hills + stairs? Really open the world up?

  • Silly request, but can you make the stars in the sky dynamic / sparkle? I was fishing and laying down watching the stars (not worried about clipping through the floor…it was funny), and watching the stars. it was pretty cool, but would be near for the stars to move around. Maybe have a moon, etc.

  • It might be because I’m a new player, but weather effects? If you don’t have them can that be added? Different storms, rain, fog, etc.

  • Again - new player so I’m just going to throw it out there and ask - in the village I hear the villager sound from Minecraft, and then a person that is pretending to be a bell? It’s on loop. I have no idea what it is…so I’m sure not a lot of new people know what that is?

  • Text over items on “what they are” would be helpful. I’ve got a lot of extra ability shots as a musketeer and I’m still learning them all by sight.

  • Armor sets? Not sure if there are a lot of them, but I’m getting same looking armor with just higher levels on it. Might be intended, if so that’s cool, but was thinking of different looks.

  • image of the lure change based on what you have on it, instead of just a hook. I have to hover over to see what I put on it, or change them out on the fishing pole to see what it is.

  • More things to harvest. There’s reeds and stuff that LOOKS like you can harvest it (sunflowers too), and I find myself constantly taking out my pick “just to try” to see if I can harvest.

  • Collision / distance on character to character - pc or npc. Man you can get really close :slight_smile: So can we make it that we can’t get that close?

  • Fish in the water moving around. It would be a nice touch while fishing.

  • Need an easier way to tell if your home teleporter is working. I jammed the thing in my face before it finally decided to “go”. Also a way to tell it’s on cool-down visually would be helpful.

  • An X on the book to make it go away as a shortcut to throwing it behind your head? I seem to get it “stuck” a lot.

  • Male / Female styles of hair / eyes / customization, more distinct. It goes with my previous suggestions, but I found myself accidentally referring to someone wrong by seeing them. I really do feel bad when I do that - but it’s because a lot of the models are coming off feminine looking.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I did it a bunch the last few play times, I click the top player icon in the menu thinking I’m going to see my character’s details / equipment. Habit maybe, as I know it’s in your backpack, but it’s a mistake I keep making.

Voice Chat push to talk would be great like OP said, instead of having to turn the voice chat off in the settings which seems to break my Voice chat until i relog.

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want to second the vive motion controllers and not having press to move on one of the hands. I’d really like to use both teleport and walking but if it walks as soon as I touch a pad it’s annoying to use.

I’d just like to say although we can’t comment on individual suggestions, we really appreciate all the feedback and are reading every single line of it. :slight_smile: We have many QoL improvements planned ahead of us, most of which is thanks to everyone’s comments here and elsewhere.


As I mentioned above, I’m in a similar industry (not games, but software). I completely understand, and just appreciate the small note to know you’ve seen this. I’ll continue to add bugs / feedback as I play, as I know it helps out your team, and will overall make for a better game!

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More feedback from a longer playthrough tonight!

  • First a thank you, as I noticed some of my feedback came into the patch recently! So again thanks for listening, and at least entertaining some of this.

  • Absolutely still on with a few of my feedback from above - the turret on my shoulder to grab, trying to remember who to go back to for a quest, and the journal issues (grabbing rotating). Playing for longer brought that to light that they become a bit difficult.

  • Saw some rain in game! Would it be possible to make it “dark”, maybe clouds when that happens?

  • When you have quest items around town that you don’t really “need” (like preparing for the festival), why allow them to be picked up? Don’t let them be picked up unless you have the quest.

  • I know I’ve seen some debates on this in the forum, but being older and playing this game for long stints, I’m going to play seated for a bit. If I have to stand up to use things in my house? that’s fine. But I’d prefer an option (like other games) to allow me to set my height if I’m seated so that I don’t have to stand up to get to stuff.

  • Story wise - might be more a question than a feedback. I’m actually not down with the Bishop. Feels very authoritarian / high and mighty religious man to me. So part of me while now getting to Little Oscar says “is he REALLY the bad guy?”. I don’t seem to have a way to join his side, or find that out. Now this may be COMPLETELY intended (one sided story), and that’s perfectly fine. But it’s something to think about. If it were me, I wouldn’t want to be with the “high and mighty” crowd, and I might be more inclined to be one of the nights.

  • Why can I get Pet Food from one of the quests with no Pets? I see people with Pets. I did a quest that apparently gave me pet food. But I has no pet.

  • Fishing - why does my left hand vibrate when I’m holding the fishing pole in my right hand? I would think the fishing pole would vibrate right? Whatever hand you have it in.

  • What do you do with broken lures? I can’t figure out any way to “reuse” them. So all I do is break them apart and get nothing for them? So if you don’t actually do anything with them, why do they take up space in your inventory?

  • Speaking of Lures - if I created a tongue lure, and I want to add an eye - is there a way of doing that? right now it’s “done” if I hit finish on the lure creation spot.

  • Broken lures in your inventory - crafting outside of your house? So what if I’m out fishing, and I have a bunch of lures, and a run around to grab more parts for the lure, why go all the way back to your house to go fishing again? Why not allow you to craft outside?

  • Why does the Lure potion have a big old Question mark as the icon? I’m assuming because you’re making the art, so that’s why I’m putting in here and not in the bugs.

  • Progression Feedback - I’m hearing folks constantly talk about being a Wizard. Doing spells, learning the next level. Those of us that are any of the other 3 classes? No progression. Nothing to say : “Yea man I learned how to use this new orb in my gun”, or “I can now fire arrows in three different ways”. Is there a way to make it feel like each of your other classes has something to work towards, so that it sparks more conversation around town of the other classes instead of just a wizard.

  • Still very annoying to go through a door and have to turn around every time I get in.

  • Stags right in the town not counting for the first Hunter quest is a little confusing. Heard a few people asking about that tonight, and i directed them down into the forest.

I’d like to second the push to talk feature. As someone with kids I know people don’t want to hear them running around acting like kids and I don’t want to subject everyone to that. I will say everyone in the community has been gracious about it but it can still be an embarrassment.

I don’t know about the Vive, but so far the rift has buttons to spare on its hand controllers to use as a chat button.

I love that you guys are paying attention! I see a few QoL items some of us mentioned here went into the last couple of patches!

My roommate and I both have the game and we’ve been adventuring together pretty regularly. Some new thoughts:

Reiterating the need for binding to a location - Maybe to a specific graveyard. We went out past New Kingsport and died. We spawned in an unfamiliar graveyard surrounded by mobs that were kicking our butts. The only way out was to use our recall bobble. If we had spawned at the grave in New Kingsport it wouldn’t have been a problem. We had this problem multiple times and each time we couldn’t fight our way back to NK.

My roommate has gotten stuck under/in the world a few times when zoning into/out of dungeons or buildings. I mentioned spawn orientation previously, but it appears positioning might need some help too.

Journal tabs/index. I find myself flipping page after page after page to get from one category of content to another. I really feel like you guys need to have a chat about what to do about that. Either make it easier to navigate the journal or break it out into different books/items/UI elements. I also encounter some Z-ordering issues with the pages when turning them sometimes. Maybe you’ve fixed it (I didn’t use my journal much the last couple of sessions, just something that has been a big problem so far.)

Some kind of aggro indicator. Sometimes I’ll be getting hit and I don’t even realize it. Maybe some flashing with arrows indicating direction of attacker? Or no arrows, just something obvious that lets us know we’re getting hit at least would be great.

I had the “stuck below the world” for the first time when i exited the dungeon near wenderwood, I exited the dungeon and i ended up below the arena in Highsteepe. My party told me they still saw me right outside of the wenderwood dungeon though. So when i did teleport to graveyard i ended up in the Orchard area near the twins which was alright.

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The Compass has a similar issue with shaking the turret. The turret’s issue being it’s hard to determine how you have to shake it to change modes and you don’t really know what mode it’s on without seeing the color change. The compass is annoying when trying to use it as a radio because when you lift it up to your mouth too fast it’ll count as a shake and the it takes forever to get it back to the normal party radio. Plus, you can’t really tell when the compass has changed colors from yellow since you have to: Drop it, grab it again, and then talk into it.

For “storywise” just continue the story it doesn’t really give you a choice onto which side you can take which isn’t that bad since you’re more or less following the side viewed as “good”. i’m only assuming but since this is early access they’ll be adding more story or choices in the future updates. Not trying to spoil it for you though.

How about being able to have a map where you can select a location and it provides a glowing trail for you to see that can be followed? It might seem a little bit of a handhold but getting lost or taking a wrong turn is annoying with slow movement and limited time to play.

Related to the compass, all you have to do is pick it up to your mouth again and move it away to see if it changed colors. No dropping necessary. Still doesn’t fix the issue just one less step.

Also, what’s with the INSANE chain aggro? Out by New Kingsport (killing for the second noah’s ark quest) we’re getting sometimes 3-5 ADDITIONAL mobs. We pull one and there might not be anything whatsoever near it, but it pulls something behind us. Or we’ll pull one that’s safe, as we’re fighting that one, we get an add, as we’re fighting that one we get ANOTHER add. It’s like the aggro range doubles while in combat or something. It feels REALLY broken. It’s frustrating not being able to get anywhere because we’re CONSTANTLY dying from getting too many mobs.

I can understand certain mobs being social, but this doesn’t feel like it’s a social aggro problem. It literally feels like my aggro range is extended while in combat.