Fellowship Chest Premissions

I’m going to announce this in the upcoming QA blog post early next week, but felt like it would be good to let the community know so they can prepare and plan, but we are putting in a basic form of fellowship chest permissions that allow the leader and officers of a fellowship to grant access on a individual basis of who can interact with the chest (Its off by default for everyone but the leader and officers). It can be revoked once granted, but its either on or off, there’s no additional permissions (like deposit only).

This will be coming out with some additional QOL changes and bug fixes in a patch on Tues June 2nd, and I’ll go into more detail in the blog next week about how it all works.

Edit: Just wanted to clarify, only players inside of the fellowship can be granted permission


So if I understand correctly:

  • By default only the leader and officers can use the chest. (others can not even see the content?)
  • The leader and officers can give permission to any individual user to use or not use the chest. And revoke it too.

That is all, right?

Normal members can see the contents, but cannot interact with it (they’ll receive a message as well that they don’t have permissions.)

Leaders and officers can grant or revoke regular member access when they wish. Leaders and Officers always have access.


Terrific change, thanks very much (now if only we had any way to see that chest in the playerhouse… idk how many months it been since I even looked into it :smiley: )

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Awesome! Thank you for making this change!

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