Fellowship Competition/Pride

I am not sure if something like this has been suggested or not.

However, I feel like the one thing that Orbus is missing is some sort of fellowship competition. First I believe this competition should reset on a weekly or monthly basis.

When I was in college I played an MMO called Dark Age of Camelot. There were 3 realms that competed for relics. This created pride and a goal for everyone to compete and contribute to. I think if orbus had some sort of relic/visual representation that is awarded on a weekly/monthly basis to the top fellowship for battlegrounds, most dungeons run, and most public events completed it would add a new and fun dimension to orbus.

I feel like adding something like this will create a friendly competitive atmosphere that will give more of a need and purpose for fellowships.


I up-voted this, although I own my own level 5, 2 player fellowship and will likely never bring it to any further than that…
This is a really good suggestion!

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nah everyone just knows who is top dog in orbus anyways, to who no one else can compare

But I barely see Elk around anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I do see Scott!

This game sorely needs some sort of fellowship overworld PvP event, like a battlegrounds flag that spawns in one of the overworld zones for 30 minutes and can be captured and held by different fellowships.

Then maybe the players (both pve and pvp) in the three fellowships that held the flag longest that round get a 10% chance when mining resources in that zone to get a bonus resource. I was planning about making a post about this at some point but hadn’t got around to it.

The problem with Goblin is that it devolves away from group-oriented combat and into hide and seek pretty fast.

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