Fellowship Gone


@Riley_D Logged in today and was trying to put materials into my fellowship chest only to see that the fellowship I created, Kings of Anarchy, has disappeared. I am certain I did not resign the fellowship and had quite a lot of mats in the chest for future members to use. Is there a way you could check my account (stewdog) and get the fellowship / mats back? Please and thank you. :grin:
Also, I noticed today that during the defend the gate event I, along with a few others, were kicked to a new instance and did not get credit for participating in the event. Is there a way to look into this so that in the future you either get credit for participating or that you do not get kicked to create a new shard? I had to re-log before the first instance would appear in the menu. Much appreciated!
As I think about it, I think the getting transferred to a new instance is happening more often near Highsteppe where more people are gathering.


Hi, we’ll look into it and see what’s going on. Can you tell us your character name, and the time you last logged in (or out, just an approximate is fine) of when the fellowship was still working fine? Sorry about that.


its happening to me also mate …sum reason I was kicked out of my guild and was placed into another guild… contacted rileyand he did put me back into my original guild but now I flip flop between guilds… so im in 2 guilds! lol it sucks


Character: Stewdog
I think the Last known good log in date was Saturday 5-8-19 around 7 pm central.
Thank you.


Hmm…are you sure that was the name of the Fellowship? I’m not finding one with that name. Was any other characters in it and if so what were their names? There’s not really a Fellowship Delete function or anything so I’m sure it’s still there and we’re just getting the name slightly wrong (capitalization and spacing have to be exact).


It shows as “Kings of Ånarchý” on the armory



Cool thanks for that. Should be fixed.


Thank you, @Rickness_Voidwalker. At work, not able to respond quickly. Is there something that I did to have this happen? Or something I need to look out for incase this happens again to possibly help find a cause?
Thanks for the quick help as always. U Da Bestest!!


I mean as far as I can tell you did resign it, because you weren’t in teh Fellowship anymore (not on the roster) and your Fellowship ID was blank, usually just one or the other gets messed up if someone joins a new Fellowship which was the other bug. No worries, just let me know if it happens again.