Fellowship hall really wants improved

The fellowships in this game are great but the lack of in-game fellowship features hinders them from expressing their identity in the game world.

1)Let Fellowship members decorate their Fellowship hall! (Literally everyone wants this) Consider adding Fellowship achievement furniture as well.

2)Add more locations for Fellowship halls to be placed!

There are plenty of locked doors in Highsteppe, maybe design a few different tavern and mansion interiors in addition to the great hall interior we have now. Then allow the guild leader to purchase a key moving the fellowship hall to that location which will have its own unique interior. This let’s each fellowship decide on their own unique feel (mansion, tavern, great hall, etc)

3)Tradeable Day Passes.

We want to be able to invite players we’re friends with to visit our fellowship hall occasionally. Plenty of fellowships have either alt fellowships (the same fellowship in all but name) or simply other fellowships that they happen to be on very friendly terms with.We want to use the hall to plan raids, goblin runs, host parties, etc. with these people.

This could be setup so that you that the guild leader can purchase ‘day passes’ from the fellowship merchant. These can be traded to members in the rest of the guild. They can also be traded to someone not in the guild (but only by someone in the guild of the pass) If someone not in the guild holds one, they enter your fellowship hall instead of their own. If someone not in the fellowship is in possession of the pass at roll reset, then the pass deletes itself (will add a new small money sink to the game)

4)Round Training Hall room

Add a large round room to the fellowship hall with multiple training dummies, arranged kind of haphazardly around each other. Have three kinds of training dummies (Blue, Red, Green) Blue is just your standard training dummy that takes damage, Red is training dummy at half health that can be healed and buffed (so healers can practice on them and test buff distances), it would tick back down to half health over time. Attacking Green randomly triggers a an AoE attack (maybe either Death Burst or Puzzling Predicament) not all (or even many) Boss AoEs would be available as you don’t won’t it to be a game spoiler dummy. So just one or two of the more interesting mechanics.

I’ve seen similar sentiments to these ideas expressed in other thread’s comments and in discord but I think all of this together warrants its own post. *Edited the title so this thread could apply more generally to discussion of improving the fellowship hall.


Yes yes yes, the fellowship hall needs more.

I am an officer and want to have an offical place where I can interact with members and discuss matters ad a guild in-game. But the fellowship hall is pretty much useless for members other than the chest.

  1. Meeting hall
  2. Training ground
  3. Decor
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There are a few more things were looking at adding to the original player house customization before moving on to see about getting it to work with the Fellowship hall (so no promises as it’s not as simple as copying it over) but we have talked about this internally.

We also would like to look at adding additional fellowship levels (or re-working the existing levels) to unlock things like additional rooms, or the ability to decorate at a certain level, that kind of stuff but it is still in the future at this point (once again no promises haha) We want fellowships to have an incentive to earn XP and continue to recruit members.

One thing while we are on topic of fellowships I always thought would be a neat idea was to host an event in game (like we do for the dev boss fight or the new adventurers meetup) and do it like a college would. So a sort of “Rush” week where fellowship representatives (or the entire fellowship) could recruit new players and new players could meet with all the possible fellowships at once to see who was a best fit both ways. We probably would do more of a “Rush Day” then week to keep it manageable but I think it would be cool to see all the different fellowships lined up talking to potential recruits, maybe like a career day at a school with each fellowship getting their own table in a large room or something. (Just so I make sure were all on same page of what I’m thinking, I’m picturing a level you can enter through a door in Highsteppe that would just be a large room with lots of tables, and each table would have the name of the fellowship that signed up ahead of time, and players that were interested could walk to each table and talk to them.)

If any fellowships out there would be interested in doing something like this please let me know here or reach out via DMs, and if there is enough interest we can look into doing something like this possibly after the upcoming holidays when there will be an additional surge of new players joining.


fellowship hall need a training yard


Idea : adding a snap grid to the build menu
I was having quite the time trying to get my OCD in order making bookshelves flush to floor and wall being level.

I’d like to be able to change the interior color of house / hall aswell.

Or buy a different interior. I’d pay dram to have already designed interiors … ooooo maybe buy interiors from other players off the AH so interior designers could sell their creation :slight_smile:

I’d love the OG basement back as a room option. It had a great atmosphere.


To know that the fellowship hall has been talked about and consideration is being made makes me really happy x3

I’d be more than happy to help support fellowship activity. Of course, I understand schedule and no promises are being made. However, to know that the fellowship hall is on your mind is nice.

Like the guild improvement concepts. I would suggest a few thing like inviting non guild into hall should be easier,
Maybe only require leader to party up with nonguild to grant access.
Rather than adding guild room locations to highstep, I’d like to see a guild taverns added to remote locations like the docks and the Scave Ambassador Village

Oh oh oh, guild capes yea? Banners, something more than a tag to say that I am proud to be in the fellowship I am in.

Not sure how that would work as I don’t want the devs to have to make a difference cape for each guild. If there was a way to give a guild leader the ability to paint/draw/choose a design for a cape transmog that can olny be worn to those in that fellowship, that would be cool.

And a way for everyone to see other’s rank in a guild, like say after the clan tag, have a second tag to denote their rank


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To add to what people are saying about a fellowship training hall room, it would be cool to use a furniture update to be able to place the training dummies, so that every fellowship could setup their training ground differently.

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Be useful to have a message board in the hall so officers or leaders can post event information.

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As far as fellowship capes, there are some games that do that, and simply require a predesignated image size (usually 128x128) and the game would stretch it to fit.
However there is the possible chance for abuse: uploading less than family friendly pictures, or even trying to make shift copy a dev cape.

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You have a great point, I didn’t think about that.