Fellowship Ranks and Permissions

Can someone explain to me the Ranks i can give to other players as Guild Leader, and what they exactly do (what those promoted members get access to)?

Is there information about that somewhere, if so, pls let me know

I looked around for information and found that they would make some changes to the Fellowship system and that’s why im not sure if everything is up to date.

The Fellowship NPC should have a Button on the side somewhere when u talk to him (next to the white text block), like a [?] and when u press it, a list will appear to the side like:

Default Permissions:

Leader: Access to:
Can do:
Officer: Access to:
Can do:
Member: Access to:
Can do:

Possible Promotions:

(i don’t know what possibility’s there are °__° , but write them down here)

Hi, the main difference between an officer and a regular member is officers can invite players and kick them, as well as grant them permission to the fellowship chest.

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Ok good to know, Tyvm!