Female body type?


did I miss something? Am I just a flat chested androgynous character? or is there a female body type I can select somehow somewhere?


Nope, everyone is genderless and leg less.


XD ok, just making sure thanks


DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GEN…oh wait, you did the opposite :stuck_out_tongue:


Even the dragons are genderless. That’s why Adventurers are needed in Orbus VR. Any two members of the same species will breed if they spend 12 hours together after having a tasty treat.

That’s the real reason they can introduce cooking to the game. Think of all of the player character babies that would be sprouting up everywhere!


MFW an orbus adventure baby is born:


The only good argument against in game food so far.


XD, I hope someday they add female bodies, the NPC females have boobs, I want boobs too :frowning:


I will have to completely change my reproductive game theories if they ever do. But I won’t complain about the extra features. :wink:


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