Festival Feedback

With the Festival of Strangers over now is the time to give us your feedback on the event as a whole as we start looking towards the next Festival. Would love to hear what you thought of the quests this time compared to the Fall quests. What you thought of the rewards, environment, theme, etc. Both the positives and the negatives. Thanks.

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It was really fun and I enjoyed it! It was nice change of scenery and I enjoyed collecting some white accent dyes.
I would like to propose the “Old Orbus” theme, where, we can have a festival where the world gets decorated into/like the old Orbus, we get mobs that look similar to the ones we used to have and have a few quests related to “going back in time”.

I loved the Scenery, hope at least Wastelands stays like that or comes back. Except Rainforest being like it always was apart from one snowpatch… the yellow snowballs were a little odd without snow or anything.

The quests were nice and doable, well we still needed a bit too many rare critters for my taste, the lower numbers for the normals do not help if you need to pop x spots to finally see a rare.
Loved the change that rares are bigger than the rest (for critters general).

Also very nice idea with finding the singing stars all over the world, such nice music also :wink:

Not sure about the “world boss” at the end though, it was not trivial to solo, so players still leveling or not able to do it with their class needed others to get the event title, towards the end under timepressure, too. And this after everything else was already done…
As an optional activity with some rewards, why not, but as a requirement for the title I don’t like that very much since during the times I quest there’s nobody on the server and I don’t wanna draw time from dungeons for this; player after player arrived there so it was repeatedly needed to kill this thing.

I know you want to save the festival and all future event monsters for their specific seasons and events, but I think there’s a way to meet us halfway: make event creatures native to certain zones or dungeons and bosses specific to their season or event. During the events, the enemies should be everywhere as the winter monsters were during the festival. This is when the boss shows up somewhere in the world and the quest for that boss is available. Outside of the events, there should be a zone or dungeon where those enemies can be found while the big boss can’t be reached or found.

Dungeon with no boss? No, those dungeons can have a subboss or group that stands in for the season or event boss.

Basically, the only unique creature for every season and event can be its boss.

There’s no reason why they can’t keep adding to the festival each year, making some additions/adjustments based off of both user and data feedback (hence this thread by Robert.)

  1. I absolutely loved the stars.
    I felt the mystery and wonder when I first saw one. I felt like a kid when hearing its song. You guys really made a wonderful thing with that one.

  2. The rainforest was an odd place for the yellow snow.
    I’m not complaining about the lack of snow in the rainforest; it is completely within nature that some areas of the world never have cold temperatures, but the snowballs would have more likely been better in highstep to add to the immersion of wonder for new players.

  3. Overall thoughts
    I loved this festival, a bit too much of a checklist at the end of the day but I was excited when I saw what the festival had to offer.


The length of the festival was a little short for me personally due to the holidays. The fall festival being 4 weeks made sense - there aren’t 12,000 real-life holidays in the middle of it. I would have preferred the winter festival go through the end of January to allow those who have significant responsibilities during the holidays to participate more fully. :woman_shrugging:

The very brief time I was able to play, it was very beautiful. Can’t comment much on the quests and stuff - I don’t think I finished even one.