Few bugs in the headstart

  • The journal sometimes open whit something superimposed on the top of all pages which cause trouble to read, i’m not sure but it’s seem’s related to the environement, i got something like a tree base once and a sort of black ink mark an other, maybe a bit of the dark sky ? (didn’t knew the journal was working as an photo camera xd).

  • On Vive (at least), when you open the window of a merchant (those behind the stalls in the highsteppes) and you get away without closing it, you get stuck between laggy flashes of steam vr loadings and the game until you manage to clic the close button.

  • The conffeti gun’s conffetis only appear for the thrower.

+1 to this. It drives me crazy when I have to flick back and fourth between pages to see the page I wanted to see when flicking through the journal.

It’s a other bug that you’re speaking about (i forgot it), i’ve seen it on the first page of the journal, while you hold it this first page is replaced by an other page and as soon has you let it go the earlier page come back.

Thanks for the bug reports, we are tracking the journal page on just havent had time to get it patched yet, and ill add the market stall window glitching to the bug list , thanks.

thx you for making this game amazing :grinning: !

I forgot an other bug, I think when a fishing lure break, it stay up in the air, there was a lot of them in the border of the fisherman’s lake.

I saw this bug mentioned in a diffrenent thread, I think thsi is being caused by having your fishing pole out when using the Teleportation device and returning to your home.

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