Final Observations


Before I list my last bit of observations I wanted to thank the Orbus Dev team for being on the ball this past few months. Each of you has been going a great job in listening to community feedback and trying to implement / fix as much as you could in such a short amount of time. It does not go unnoticed and we, the community, greatly appreciate your hard work. I, for one, am very excited to begin my journey through the OrbusVR: Reborn.

I am going to list a few general observations and thoughts that I had while playing. We know that you have little time before launch so I wanted to list this in the order that I thought would be most important.

  1. Classes:
    Great job on the 8 classes. I mostly only played as a Musketeer, so most of my experience and comments during this time will revolve around that class. I know there are a few bugs that each class needs addressing. Example: shooting my feet as a musketeer while moving does not register in a lot of places, scoundrel cards getting stuck, grabbing items unintentionally disrupting combat, etc.

  2. Tutorial:
    I like the “On-demand” tutorial you have in the system menu. This at least is a good start. @KatVet has a lot of good suggestions that I would agree with on improvements. I think we all agree that individual “learning” quests for each class might be a good idea, if you have time. I think this might be the most important for keeping new players and them not getting frustrated to the point of quitting.

  3. Sense of Purpose:
    From my perspective, the current set-up of the game seems to lack a bit of direction or purpose. I know the game is purposely not story driven or at least not required to complete the story quests but I do think it should be very obvious that their is a story and one could follow it to find their role as a solo character or along with the other people playing the game. An opening cut scene explaining where we are or been, how we got here, and what is being requested of us, I think, would contribute a long ways to communicating a sense of purpose.

  4. Overworld Monsters & Environment:
    Fixing “stuck in wall” issues, pathing, and just general dungeon bugs. Honestly, I think, this is the one part where you need to spend the least amount of time because you have done a great amount of work getting this correct. I might only request an option to turn on more visual details in the flat landscape like it was in OrbusVR. Some of the sounds also need to be turned down like the supercharged exploding turret or some of the foxes when they attack.

  5. Economy:
    In my opinion I am getting way to much stuff. In these past few tests I have more dram and reagents that I did in over a year of playing o.g. OrbusVR. Don’t get me wrong that I like having more stuff but needing to return to the house every other lvl to drop off items can be a bit annoying. With the way it is currently set I think the market will be over saturated.

  6. Balancing and PvP
    This is just going to be ongoing and is something that I believe you are doing a good job trying to appease the masses while making the classes behave the way you picture it on paper with how it behaves in action.

  7. QoL and Talents
    All I can say here is keep up the good work!

Good Job dev’s and I can’t wait to see your hard work on April 23rd. Anyone have anything to add to my comments above or might disagree with the order?


maybe the overweight limit should be doubled or something. That would also make for juicier loot for PvPers also probably :wink: .

Regarding market prices… I think it is a non issue because right now… I do not use speed pots very often and I only use potions for specific dungeons runs… It is likely that if the prices are lower and i get more of them… I will just use pots way more often making pots a more accessible thing in the game… Also awarding much more price disparity between crafted and non-crafted items will be nice to see… Right now a tile set has not much difference of a price to individual tiles and that is simply because the ingredients are rare… But I can imagine in reborn there will be a much big markup on tile sets because of the time people have put in to crafting them.

I believe there was also a mention in the air of other trade skills (someone can correct me if I am wrong here?). I am interested to know what that will be like and what that brings to the trading market…

Also remember that the developers are expecting an influx of players due to the massively growing demand of VR headsets and new platform(s) they are supporting:

^— Expect a massive influx of new players and AAA competition… the OrbusVR team are just gearing up for this obvious growth trend I am sure…


Not me, I actually got around the amount of reagents I also got in the OG while leveling my classes. I guess it will sort itself. The market likely will be flooded with resources when everyone is leveling same time, but only until most people are 30 on their first 1-2 classes. Once people figured out how to port in between events they will also use way more reagents to level additional classes.
Also dyes will become much more rare once people start using them in the endgame.

Only thing I wished is changing is potion weight, lighter potions would require way less runs to the house already.


in the beta i got 4 stacks of reagents just from lvling… if this is how it works with potions as well the best way to farm will be to just make a alt, lvl it, trade off the resources, delete the alt, repeat


These potions are level 20 and more or less worthless once it gets easier and easier to do the level 30 ones. Also I counted the potions I’m getting as well… as for me I’d be able to make more in a fraction of time, just by farming normally for them, perhaps buying the one or other fish from market. A 10x recipe isn’t that hard to do and for that amount I’d need to do 10 events or level up 10 times, I don’t think any experienced player will consider that.

Also most of the herbs from leveling I sold to the vendor, they are valuable only if you never farmed. The only things harder to achieve is perhaps dyes, but since everyone who leveled a bit will get a base amount of them they won’t be very valuable as well.


for reagents alone i think its definitly worth it

a bit off topic, but has anyone tested the difference between lvl 20 and lvl 30 boosting/empowered striks pots?


Yes, didn’t have time to age them but the unaged were +50 from the unaged level 20, at least for the crit, didn’t check the others


Aged 20s were +50 from unaged 20s. i guess that means that level 30 is equivalent to aged 20s?

Edit: only checked vitality


aged 20 pots are +100 from unaged ones, or double the stats.
I’d imaging aged 30 pots to be the same and give +300 of whatever the pot is for