Final Print Lore Quest - Bug or Stuck?


I did all the lores, but one page is still in my book now, named Final Print (Lore Quest of Whisper), details and what I tried:


So, Glen, the reporter guy, told me he wants a juicy story. I tried:

  • Talking to all npcs and mission givers in HS, most say no lore quests left
  • Checking and reading all books, in the HS library, in the Player House, nothing…

Marlowe says he is still searching a girl (am I missing something here? there’s no page in the journal for that), Darius says he’s no longer bothering with the likes of me (yah, screw you Darius, I never liked u anyway :smiley: ); Sicilus is silent when I click the lore icon.

The quest gives no further directions, simply states I should talk to Glen, who always still tells me he wants his juicy story.

Is this just bugged out and the page should be gone or am I really missing something? If so, wouldn’t be sad to know what since I can’t think of anything else to do.

Lure quest final print is bugged

That is the end of the lore quests for now, I am working on getting the rest of them in currently. Sorry it was not more obvious, I will add some text to make it clearer.


Thanks - I hope more is to come and I must say, I really enjoyed them, there were lots of creative ideas in, so far, and I rarely got stuck with any :slight_smile:

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