First merchant feedback!

Hi guys,

So I have some issues with the merchant stall.
Really simple but confusing problems.

1) When i list an item it first automatically publicly lists it at 0. This scared me at first but then I changed the price i noticed it did not update the price publicly until i moved the item out of the slot and back in to the slot.

2) Items are being sold because I see the numbers going down but i have not been able to withdraw DRAM. its as though it is dissapearing? I should have a few hundred DRAM profit. Apart from my profit dissapearing how can I know how much I have made?

  1. it works and people are buying it. Can we get a plaque with our name on the stands? So that it is easy to tell people which stand to go to. Better yet, give our stand a name.


  1. I will take a look at that. It should update the price as soon as you hit “Save Prices.” Unless you’re saying you already had the “buy” window open? Usually I just set the price then update the buy window to check.

  2. Yeah I’m looking into this now. If you let me know what stuff you have sold that you didn’t get money for I can put some of it back in your inventory.

  3. We’re definitely planning to add more customization options to this. Whether it’s a plaque, changing the design of the stall, etc.

For 2), I just pushed out a couple of fixes that might fix the problem if it was happening.

Someone else pointed out that if you had a leading zero, e.g. “010” in your price then it would sell it for nothing to the players…I checked and everyone’s stalls are good at this point, but is it possible that’s what was happening? Just curious. I will fix that for sure.

Anywho, if you want to test it you can just buy something from yourself, then collect the dram right away. If that’s working, then go ahead and let it exist for a bit, maybe take a screenshot of your inventory, and then we’ll see what happens today. And like I said, if there was anything in there that was sold you need more of, just let me know.

basically to modify the price of a slot you have to put an item in it. That means between the time of placing the item in the slot and modifying it a ninja buyer can get it for 0.

Ill test the hotfix now. Thanks! :smiley:

Looks like the repair vendors are broken after the hotfix. I cannot repair my gear right now :stuck_out_tongue: