Fish in the DLC area

Is it possible to add fish to the DLC area? I don’t care what kind, just something.

The DLC has the most pleasing eye candy so far, and i have scouted out some really nice fishing spots. I just want the water to work now, and add some fish.

Also, making the dungeons fishable would be fun


Pretty sure they won’t do anything to the DLC now though also as there is no resources there and the fish would be tiny so, I think they already said that they won’t be adding fish there in another thread

I really hope that they add fish to the waterfall in lamavora once we can climb the mountain there though

I don’t know how much work that is though… it doesn’t have to be themed or all kind of types or specific places, just implementing something simpler, like sun- and catfish which are used often, all over the waters, would make the dlc much more attractive to hang out. I like the scenery very much as well but so far treasures and grinding is all which is left to do there.

Also great idea to add some fish to dungeon waters (those which are reachable solo), there I could imagine even a new/rarer type for new potions and these would not mess-up existing waters and lures…

But when you unshrink the fish would be huge. Maybe you can catch small minnow there but they are shark-size on your fishing rod.

I have no clue what possible problem you both see with the shrinking… that’s just a theme, the dlc is a couple of instances. There’s lots of loot we get there, for example all lootbags are “normal” sized, maps are “normal” sized, no matter where you look at them.

In the end the server does not even care in which instance you get an item, it got a unique id which apparently is same in whatever instance, overworld, dungeons or dlc. So a sunfish would show as always on your lure in the dlc (breaking the roleplaying perhaps, granted, but I could not care less…), it goes to your inventory, and if you put it out, for example to craft, it will be like every other sunfish, there’s no change whatsoever.

Any “themed” dlc fish like new models or sizes for minnows etc. would be much more work than just implementing some fishable waters so I don’t have much hope that’s coming.


Yup , It is the best fishing spot in reborn , but no fish. Let us drop a line in … even if we fish up nonsense.

@Metris_Marshmallow You replied to my comment, not sure if that was intended or not. I don’t have an issue with the shrinking. I think you misinterpreted my first sentence, probably reading it as “but when you unshrink the fish would be huge” as: “there is an issue because if you unshrink the item would literally become huge”… Not as “size of the fish doesn’t matter lore-wise since when you unshrink, it would become giant with you as does everything else.” This was directly a response to Rickness’s comment about small fish. I added minnows because they are tiny enough to be caught on a pole while the player is tiny but they would be shark size & would be a simple mesh resizing, if they aren’t capable already of just scaling item size variably as you can do this in unity easily. Otherwise they could just duplicate the mesh & rescale it.


I think you kinda mean like how people make the big book with the giant pot. Using a something to modify size.

I answered to you @Delceri yes, because I don’t think there is any actual shrinking or scaling (except perhaps for the starter-animation when you load in), on the technical side, it’s an instance/zone loading up as any other… and if that is so all that is to do is make waters fishable in that instance, done, with any id of existing fish. There should be no technical issue with sizes or anything except you wanna theme your fish according to the dlc theme (and I don’t think that is worth the effort).

Edit 1: Rereading your post we pretty much agree on the technical side, only that you would like to have scaled/themed fish. Minnows are just the least wanted fish so I don’t think that would be very attractive, just putting those in without changes.

Edit 2: And those “themed” fish is what many brought up now, however it’s likely too much work with new models and everything, so before nothing is coming I’d say just put existing fish in, so we can hang out, as the OP suggestion also was, I think.

I think his whole Idea is just you can fish there but the fish you get look huge because you have shrunk. Keeping with the idea that it’s the same world just you are small.

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Would LOVE this!
You cought a 0.01 pound HUGE sunfish :star_struck:

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or even fishing in the dungeon while you wait for your slow team members to join? :wink:

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